What a week we have had.
New baby goats,
a big family 4th overnight party
and butchering birds yesterday.
Seems about every day someone pulls down the drive for a visit.
I swear.  I promise.  I’m gonna stop.
I am 35 weeks now.
Probably should wash the teeny tiny baby clothes and get some meals in the freezer.
So much for stopping.
BUT OH!  Are we so excited to have Coco and Valentino on the farm!  Twins – a doe and a whether.  Such beautiful markings and the sweetest little personalities.  They are still no bigger than a really big cat.   And come on – I just LOVE their names.  So much more fitting to la ferme a mi-chemin than “Lola and Sparky”  (though I do love the name Lola).  But you can’t beat naming them after the best fashion designers ever.




I am posting a ton of videos – for the serious die-hards — getting them, (that is, going to get the goats) as usual for us when we all pile in the truck to go pick up animals, was a stressful riot.  
Taming them has been a joy for all of us…  every couple hours we go sit in the pen and read to them, offer them treats… the kids even sang “Jesu m’aime”  – my sister almost died.  “Oh my gosh, my sisters gorgeous children are SINGING to their new baby goats… in FRENCH!”
Mais bien sur ma souer.
Hope you like-
If you are thinking about goats – start reading now.
And work out all your plans in advance…
fencing, housing, feed costs, preferred breed.
I’ll post on this later but I know 
some of you are dying to get them too.
More of everything to come.