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POST SCRIPT – Ironically this is my number one blog post of ALL TIME!  When I wrote it I had JUST discovered doTERRA Essential Oils.  They are as awesome today as they are back when I wrote this.  If you are interested in NATURAL health care… if you are burned out on prescriptions and trips to the doctor… I encouraged you to check them out.  You can find them here or feel free to contact me with any questions.    Watch  for my free E-Book about essential oils available early May 2015.  Blessings and health!

Sick of ALLERGIES???  

Why run to Walgreens when you can run to nature?

Check this out – my story for doTerra Tuesday. 

Amélie is mothering a kitten whose mother was killed by coyotes.  She makes formula and everything. It’s so cute.  And so is this darn cat.  And I am not a cat person.  At all.  They about kill me.  Eyes swell shut.  Nose itches so bad I want to stick a fork in it.  They make me miserable ….   This little guy has been living on our porch so the big boys (our barn cats) don’t tear him to bits while he is si tiny.  And I must confess, at night he comes and snuggles with Joel on our couch.  Of course, he is adorable.  

Well, he got me.  I went nuts the other night as he and Joel played their little kitten games while we watched a movie.  “Get that thing OUT of here” I snarled through my snot and itching.  Then I said, “Wait.  Let’s try something.”  I Googled “oils and allergies” and came up with COUNTLESS stories about people kissing their Allegra and Claritn D au revoir. 

The main suggested protocol was 3-4 drops of lemon, peppermint and lavender swirled in the mouth for 30 seconds and then swallowed.  


I am out of lemon oil but I had saved the bottle so I filled it with water, shook it up and poured it in a cup and added the lavender and peppermint.  Swirled, drank…Now remember, I was a sniveling mess!  Within THREE MINUTES I thought, What the heck is going on? I said to Joel, “Did you notice what just happened? ”  He said, “You’re totally FINE!  That is amazing!”

I am lovin’ this company.

I love that their oils are strong and pure without the junk that was in the health food store oils I had been using.  

I love that I am actually helping people because helping people live healthier lives is very important to me.

I love being a Wellness Advocate with doTerra. 
doTerra Essential Oils nipped my allergic reaction to cats IN THE BUD within MINUTES.  I will use it again whenever I have to.  

What’s makin’ you itch?
How could you feel healthier today?

I’ll bet there’s an oil for that!

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Here’s to eyes that don’t itch!

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