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Feb 6, 2007 | Pop Culture/Politics | 2 comments

I thought the earth was getting warmer and we were all gonna die?

It’s -1 degree this morning and no matter how many sock and slippers I put on and no matter how many space heaters I have cranked around the house by toes still feel like ice cubes.

Perhaps Al needs to visit Chicago -click here.

Hear me out here – I know most people have jumped on the global warming bandwagon and strapped their seat belts on good and tight but this entire concept has never settled well with me…after all remember how over-population, global cooling and acid rain were all going to be the end of us by the year 2000???

I am not denying pollution, I am not denying the earth’s temperature fluctuates but I am not convinced it is the cause of my SUV driving friends and family or the fact that when it’s cold out I don’t walk to Target – how socially unresponsible of me… (I wonder who the 13th century Europeans blamed when the icebergs were melting down into their villages? Click here) and I am very leery about following the heard on this (and other) subjects when the leaders of this heard don’t (hardly) share any of my other values – that reason alone caused my red flags to go up when this whole global warming thing started to really go crazy.

I keep reading and hearing interviews about scientists that loose their grants the minute they voice concern over the global warming hysteria – other young scientist don’t dare mention that they don’t believe the warming of the earth is caused by us for fear of not receiving funding to do their research. Isn’t that strange? If global warming is such a proven fact why would the scientific community be so threatened by a handful of scientists that would like to pursue their research in the other direction? Why not let those unenlightened scientists look like fools and thus further your cause?

Somehow I think this comes down to money – I don’t have all the facts but something is rotten in Denmark (speaking of Denmark, did you know there was a study released recently saying that last year was the warmest year in years in Greenland? I heard that a while back and can not give you a source – sorry.) But I have put a link with a whole page of sources so you would not have to flit around the Internet if you were interested in investigating this with me.

It’s pretty scary that these days you are basically labeled a heretic if you confess that you don’t believe in global warming…more to come…

Click Here for interesting Articles on Global Warming (or the lack thereof).

Photo Source: “Global Warming” images.


  1. Victoria

    Hey! Miss you, too! I’m going to respond to your global warming post soon. I’ve been writing so much lately and need to get back into the scheme of things, world-wise; thanks for doing the research for me! I know sometimes hot topic posts like this one go un-commented on, so i’m going to make the effort! talk with you soon.

  2. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Oh that would be great – I have had the title of this blog in mind for weeks and now with these sub-zero temps I could not take it anymore!
    I do love to blog about my Babes, Jesus and Gardens but I love to rant and rave about crap going on in the world too! I need a pod-cast.


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