In Sickness and in Health…

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I tired to get to it yesterday but I am on another Domestic Goddess kick and I have a new daily list that I am working off of and well, I did my vocal warm ups, dusted and vacuumed the downstairs and weeded the front gardens and there was no time for blogging.

Yesterday was our 13 year anniversary and I am inspired now more than ever to love and respect Joel and to cling to our Father God. Watching my Mom’s strength in the last 7 days reminds me of the power and strength she showed last year when Hillary died, never mind how she holds her own as a Mother of 3, business woman, etc.
Mom and Don have a touchy feely-pray together in the morning- intimate code-words kind of love. But it was not always that way. In fact, if you ask my Mom today she will confess that with what she knows these days about love and respect that even when they got married she probably really did not really “love” Don. But they have fought their way through businesses starting and ending, immaturity from past hurts, kids, in laws, and now this…
Joel and I too have fought our way through A-LOT. Talk about immaturity. And I won’t go on and on but I just want to say this to my readers who are married. Your marriage is a living, breathing, thing. Starve in and it will DIE. Feed it and it will grow and flourish. It REALLY is like a bank account, you HAVE to make deposits in it DAILY for there to be anything there the day you need to make that big with drawl.
So, talk, forgive, hold hands, get over yourself, say “I am wrong.”, pick you your dirty underwear, don’t shut down, compliment, don’t nag, do something with out being asked, make your spouse feel like the PRIORITY in some way every day (even thought there are definitely chapters in life where they almost can’t be)…

Mom and Don can be a lesson to us all.

Happy Anniversary Joel. I love you so very much. I love our life with all it’s hassles. I love the children you have blessed me with, I love simple things like hearing you creak up the stairs and sharing Cat on a Hot Tin Roof for the 1,000th time. I know you’ve been feeling funky but you seemed good this morning…that means we get to Tango tonight right??? I’ll get the music ready! (This is our song, I have NO idea why I could not get the font color to work properly!)

Dance with me Darling til dawn,
I want to sway in your arms
‘Til the stars fade away, fade away.
Moving together as one,
‘Til the first gentle rays of the sun light the day.

And while the music still plays,
Please let me hear you keep saying,
Over and over I’m falling,
Falling in love with you.
Say there’s no way I could loose you,
Hold me tight,
I’m falling in love tonight.

Touch me and tell me it’s true,
That I’m not asleep and that you are not just a dream, just a dream.
Here with your heart pressed to mine,
We flow like a river that winds,
It’s way to the sea,
To the sea.

And while the music still plays,
Please let me hear you keep saying,
Over and over I’m falling,
Falling in love with you.
Say there’s no way I could loose you,
Hold me tight,

I’m falling in love tonight.

1994 Dating
1995 Wedding Day
1996 P.J. Hoffmaster State Park
1997 Nashville
1998 Door County
1999 Aunt Ruth’s House
2000 Paris2001 Door County
2002 Paris
2003, The Farm
2004, Silver Saddle Reunion
2005 Door County
2006, Our Garden (There’s that arbor again!)
2007 Door Country
August 12th 2008 Our Garden


  1. Joannah

    Happy anniversary! Great pictures! I met my husband in 1994, too, but it took us another 13 years to tie the knot. What can I say? He’s a late bloomer!

    Have a wonderful time together!!!

  2. Faith

    Happy Anniversary and may I say, Damn, you look good!!!! (hopefully you read that with the same inflection I said it with)

  3. Rebecca Ramsey

    Congratulations! What a beautiful post–and a beautiful couple!

  4. Farmgirl Cyn

    Dang! You are lookin’ fine. And Ang looks pretty good, too!!! JUST KIDDING! You BOTH look great!
    I talk to mom daily, very early, so I have heard all the good news. You are right, we should not let up on praying. They do have a long road ahead. She really IS an inspiration, isn’t she???

  5. Faith

    Can we get an update on Don please???

  6. Homemakerang

    yes, a great reminder for all of us! i just read this after reading Proverbs 14 this morning, “The wise woman builds her house but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down!”.

    I am doing the 30 day challenge currently (on day 8) of encouraging your husband from nancy REVIVE OUR HEARTS…

  7. BEth

    Hot Mama and Pappa!! Arn’t you supposed to age as you get older?? the 2 of you look younger in every picture. Life is treating you well. Still… I might like to see that mustache make a return appearance!! Any chance of that joel??

  8. cestMoi Sandy

    Hey Angela!
    I came upon this post and just had to read it.
    I love love love it!
    You and Joel are a super gorgeous couple! You can see the love in your eyes!
    John and I met in 1993! Even though we went to many countries… we never got to go to Paris!

    Till soon!



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