I have this vision for our Christmas outfits… well, not yours but for my girls and I.
I’m thinking long, floor length skirts for them and for me too.
For me, my vision is a long skirt, with a slight but dramatic nonetheless train and a super starched white shirt… you know, something along the lines of a Carolina Herrera number.

I want to make them out of plaid taffeta.

I guess I must be out of gourd because every store I go in looks at me like I am speaking Swahili when I ask for plaid taffeta.  As if this is some alien, bizarre request on November 27th.  I am so frustrated.  I can see these outfits in my head!!!  I’ve got tunnel vision and I’m not going to be satisfied until I can create them.  
Can’t you see it?  Cumberbun style belts, the girls in patent leather peeping out from decadently long taffeta… me dripping is some serious Marie Antoinette style blingage against the simplicity of a white blouse???

I thought I had hit the jackpot yesterday online.  I found emerald and sapphire plaid taffeta which wasn’t my first choice but it was gorgeous and it would have been SO in style with the whole gem colors thing going on this fall/winter on the runways.

“This item is no longer available”

The only thing I can find is so bright and tacky looking.  It looks like it’s a bolt left over from 1983.  I guess I can’t quite describe what I am looking for, I just don’t want it to look cheap.
So here, dear readers where you come in…
If you stumble across some pretty plaid taffeta (I am not picky, it can be poly or silk) would you let me know??
I hate having an idea that I am in love with only to find myself vexed at every turn.

Oh, and what is your Christmas ensemble going to look like?
‘Tis the season to go for it…non?