Les Financiers.

See my new link on the side bar?
 That’s the bakery where I bought my bread when I had my apartment in Paris.

La Maison Kayser.

Worth standing in line for.
And I did.
And would again.
And WILL again.

La Maison Kayser was just a few blocks from my apartment on Rue de la Bucherie (just down from Shakespeare & Co.).  The perfect brisk walk in the late afternoon.  I always went for a warm, fresh, crunchy baguette; right around 5 pm.

One afternoon something caught my eye and how anything caught my eye is beyond me.  Have you ever been in a Parisian boulangerie with a dozen hurried Parisians pressing behind you anxious to place their own orders?
Pressing, pressing, pressing.
 Pressure, pressure, pressure. 
But one day a little treat caught my eye, it looked sort of like a muffin, only… not.  It had raspberries which totally peaked my interest and it was called a “Financier”.
Never heard of it?
Neither had I.
But I bought one, along with the best baguette in Paris (a mon avis) and the taste of that little Financier has never left my mind.  It’s was like that first macaron I ever tasted, or my first sip of a St. Émilion…
a financier.

I don’t think I can describe the taste for you… a little almondy, crispy edges, not too sweet, not crumbly like a raspberry muffin would be… it’s been 6 years since I enjoyed the taste but when I taste it again, I will know.
I have been googling recipes, desperate to re-create that moment.  My baguettes have gotten very good over the last few years, macarons have become enough to satisfy any Ladurée craving I may have…

The financiers however are still a work in progress.
I tried some the other day and sat down, full of anticipation…. they were a bit of a disappointment.
C’est dommage.

So, calling all foodies…
this is an S.O.S.
I know I even have some Parisian readers.
 I am desperate.
I need the perfect, Eric Kayser-esque financier recipe.  I am going to keep making them ’til I find one I like.  Please do share if you are familiar with Eric or if you have a recipe that might remind me of those wonderful days it Paris.
Just like the patience it took to perfect the macarons, It WILL be worth the wait and they will be shared it you the moment I have success!