In Search of… Parisian financiers.

Jul 28, 2010 | Recipes | 19 comments

Les Financiers.

See my new link on the side bar?
 That’s the bakery where I bought my bread when I had my apartment in Paris.

La Maison Kayser.

Worth standing in line for.
And I did.
And would again.
And WILL again.

La Maison Kayser was just a few blocks from my apartment on Rue de la Bucherie (just down from Shakespeare & Co.).  The perfect brisk walk in the late afternoon.  I always went for a warm, fresh, crunchy baguette; right around 5 pm.

One afternoon something caught my eye and how anything caught my eye is beyond me.  Have you ever been in a Parisian boulangerie with a dozen hurried Parisians pressing behind you anxious to place their own orders?
Pressing, pressing, pressing.
 Pressure, pressure, pressure. 
But one day a little treat caught my eye, it looked sort of like a muffin, only… not.  It had raspberries which totally peaked my interest and it was called a “Financier”.
Never heard of it?
Neither had I.
But I bought one, along with the best baguette in Paris (a mon avis) and the taste of that little Financier has never left my mind.  It’s was like that first macaron I ever tasted, or my first sip of a St. Émilion…
a financier.

I don’t think I can describe the taste for you… a little almondy, crispy edges, not too sweet, not crumbly like a raspberry muffin would be… it’s been 6 years since I enjoyed the taste but when I taste it again, I will know.
I have been googling recipes, desperate to re-create that moment.  My baguettes have gotten very good over the last few years, macarons have become enough to satisfy any Ladurée craving I may have…

The financiers however are still a work in progress.
I tried some the other day and sat down, full of anticipation…. they were a bit of a disappointment.
C’est dommage.

So, calling all foodies…
this is an S.O.S.
I know I even have some Parisian readers.
 I am desperate.
I need the perfect, Eric Kayser-esque financier recipe.  I am going to keep making them ’til I find one I like.  Please do share if you are familiar with Eric or if you have a recipe that might remind me of those wonderful days it Paris.
Just like the patience it took to perfect the macarons, It WILL be worth the wait and they will be shared it you the moment I have success!


  1. My Yellow House

    Good Morning!
    I can’t help you with the financier but I can make a yummy beignet if you’re ever in the mood – I think though that those are Creole/French rather than France French….either way, I’m addicted to them!

    Look forward to the recipe when you find the perfect one.
    Hope things are looking up around the farmhouse. 🙂


  2. Kathy

    Eric Kaiser…My dream would be to have been there just once!
    Keep trying, I know you’ll master it soon.
    Paris has always been a dream destination, maybe someday!
    Happy baking,
    xoxo~KaTHY @
    sWEET uP-North Mornings…

  3. Priscilla

    Don’t you know that everything tastes better in la belle France? Nothing will ever taste perfect in another location. It is just one of the great mysteries of life.
    I have never made them, but I do love them. Might be worth a try.
    I have always gone to Stephanie Jaworski at Joy of Baking (
    for most anything. She is Canadian and has a wonderful website.

  4. BonjourRomance

    Bonjour ANgela,
    I’m with you 100% on the Fananciers. I do have a recipe most likely at the bottom of my kitchen boxes – we are renovating and in the process of moving! Also have a good Madeleine recipe I can send along as too. I will find it though and send it to you asap!
    Bonn chance,

  5. mn

    wish I could help you with your financier recipe! i just buy them (lazy), but would love to try to make them myself! If I come up with one that turns out well, I will let you know.
    I thoroughly enjoy your blog!

  6. Stephanie

    David Liebovitz has a new book out “The Sweet Life in Paris” and there is a whole chapter on how people behind you in line push and press against those in front of them. It is so funny and I laughed out loud with tears in my eyes for the longest time. It sounds like you experienced the same thing.

    I have never tried one of these treats, but it looks delicious. I have a question, how do you freeze your baguettes? Just plop them in the freezer unwrapped or do you wrap them?

  7. Deb

    Ahhh baguette…I wouldn’t need a sweet pastry if I just had a good baguette. Nothing close to good near us! And I’m sure I’ve never had any as good as in Paris…someday, maybe!

  8. Musings From A French Cottage

    These look divine and I wish I had a recipe to share with you. But alas, I don’t have a single one. These photos do make me want to experiment in the kitchen though! Have fun with it!

    God Bless,

  9. Carolyne

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison

    Hi Angela,
    I’ve never heard of these little goodies. I love anything with a hint of almond or a smack you over the head with almond for that matter too. I hope you find a good recipe, I am wondering if the new patisserie book includes a recipe for these… I’m going downstairs to check, if it does, I will let you know right away!

    Happy weekend, love your new header with the lovely photos of the Parisienne Farmgirl!

  11. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison

    Hey sweets…
    The first page I turned to in the back… Was it meant to be?
    Raspberry Financier with Sesame Oil (sounds very intriguing to me w/that sesame oil). I can email the recipe to you tomorrow when I have my contacts back on. I want my hubby to make these for me once he’s done w/this huge project he’s working on (he’s the baker here 😉
    Talk to you tomorrow, Angela.

  12. Tracie~MyPetiteMaison

    Eric Kayser’s Salted Caramel Tart is in here too. I’m getting hungrier by the minute.

  13. estephens

    Wait…are you me?? I just found your blog tonight b/c I was googling “Eric Kayser’s raspberry financier recipe” haha and came across your article on them…my thoughts exactly!!

    Last year I went to pastry school in Paris and lived around the corner from his shop on Rue de Bac and once I discovered his raspberry financier (which is, btw, unlike any other financier I’ve ever had) I went back at least once a week to restock. Now I keep trying recipes hoping they’ll be like his and none of them are even close…if you find a good recipe please let me know!!

    Anyway, great blog, I relate so much to everything you write about (minus being a mom), so I’ll definitely keep reading!

  14. Unknown

    has anyone discovered Kayser’s basic almond, pistachio or chocolate financier recipe?
    is it in his new baking book?

  15. Unknown

    please, have you found kayer’s pistachio or chocolate financier recipe?

  16. Fabrizio

    Can you please post the link for the Pistacho Fianncier you found? Thanks!


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