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Aug 3, 2006 | Pop Culture/Politics | 5 comments

…to the banter (I suppose it will be official “banter” when she lops one back over the net) anyways…let me respond to the banter about giving money away that Team Barrett and I engaged in on this morning’s post and allow me to encourage you to check out my links on the right of the page and visit WORLD VISION?
Joel and I have been blessed to support Samanta (photographed) for close to five years now. We have watched her grow, received drawings from her and letters from her mother. She and her family have shared in our joy of the baby…
I am currently applying to become an Ambassador for World Vision and so I will take this first step and tell you all that they are a phenomenal organization and there is such a need world wide for the wealth that we have here in America.
Wherever your heart lies – be it with American children needing school supplies or orphaned children in Kenya, there is a way you can bless others. If you are the type that likes to know exactly what you are doing to help you can even choose from a gift catalog…providing families with chickens, wells, fruit trees. It is VERY exciting.
In this house even the monthly mortgage can make things tight but we are still in the top 4% richest people in the world. Without going all “Sally Struthers” on you let me tell you that you can live without that extra $30 a month and so can someone else…literally.


  1. teambarrett18

    Cute photo! I rememeber that you had sponsored a child when we were in elementary school. 🙂

  2. cityfarmer

    I too remember this lovely child claiming a spot on you your fridge in the townhouse. . .
    God bless you two, three.

  3. Amanda

    Teambarrett, you’re just a trouble maker! 🙂 See you August 19th my lovely!

  4. Amanda

    You people are killin me…..


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