In Interview by Claudia @ Casa de Berry

Feb 22, 2011 | As Featured In... | 5 comments

Not Casa du Barry… Casa de Berry
Claudia that is!
Though I do think a picture of Madame du Barry would be fun on her sidebar!
I have a darling new commenter/blogger who recently asked if she could ask me a few questions.  Fun and daunting.  Her questions were great as she, like most of us is on a quest to tweak and improve her own style.  (Why she is asking me…).  
Ok, so perhaps I was a little hard on HomeGoods shoppers… she laughed when I wrote in an email that I thought I overdid it.  My point was just “too much of a good thing”  like an accessory from HomeGoods that you think you neeeeeeed becomes just that… too much of a good thing.
I hope you enjoy the interview and Claudia’s great new blog!  
Click photo to read!
Casa de Berry!


  1. Steve

    Very nice interview, and good, well thought-out answers. Making me think of who I’d like to interview…

  2. claudia b

    Merci, mon amie! Loved your interview.
    Ha ha, yes, that minx du Barry would be a great icon on my sidebar!

  3. Theanne and Baron

    Informative interview…learned more about you…her blog is quite beautiful!

  4. Ann at eightacresofeden

    Ang – You gave some great answers but I hope you don’t mind me saying that I was distracted by the very offensive language in the twitter box on the sidebar of the blog that was showing up when I visited. I’m sorry to mention this but you were talking about personal style and this for me was the very opposite. Hope I am not the only one who feels this way, I’m so sorry but it really spoiled it for me.

  5. à la parisienne

    I read CasadeBerry’s interview with you, and I found another crazy similarity between you and I:
    My husband and don’t have TV. We have a Netflix account and when we want to watch a movie, we snuggle in the bed with the laptop also! Perhaps this isn’t so uncommon??

    Thank you for sharing the Romantic Style giveaway with your friends.

    Bon week-end,


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