Via the blog, I will put updates here.
I think I have got a call into just about everyone but forgive me if I missed you. It was a long night.
Last night while serving with the teens in their church youth group Don, beloved husband of Savvy City Farmer (my mom) had a freak accident. He was wrapped in Ceran wrap, like a mummy playing a game with his arms bound and he fell, hitting his head/face on a carpet-over- concrete floor. My sister (23) noticed that he did not roll over so she did herself only to find him bleeding profusely and looking at her with wide eyes that did not respond. He did come to after a few minutes but not totally, paramedics were called and for 40 minutes tried to get him on the the gurney, finally someone had the idea to use my moms voice to calm him down…
A CAT scan revealed no neck or scull fractures but many facial fractures and bruising on his brain (the frontal lobe which attributes to him being aggressive and not wanting to cooperate. A few hours later it was determined that he be med-evacked (sp?) to a hospital some distance away as there is a neurosurgeon on staff. He arrived their safely.
A follow up cat scan did show pressure on his brain which they are relieving today with a catheter. They doctor is pleased with the amount of pressure (or lack there of) but they say swelling could increase up to 72 hours after the trauma (we are at about hour 19 right now). Don is NOT in a coma but is heavily sedated to keep him calm. He also has a breathing tube due to the blood that was in his throat. He does not understand what happened or what is happening. His face is very badly bruised and I am told it is very upsetting to see. Joel spent the night with Mom at the hospital, I am hoping to go soon. It is very far away. I just want to hold my Mom.
Mom is like a rock but finally broke down upon the nurse telling her that Don showed signs of tears awhile ago.
Mom point blank asked the Doctor about the possibility of a full recovery and he optimistically said, “I think so.”
We are standing in Faith before the Father that this man Don, who has blessed our family beyond measure will make constant strides towards improvement this week, that his recovery will be swift and miraculous. To the glory of GOD! We are also petitioning the Father that he defies the odds of further swelling that typically takes place.
Pray without ceasing. Thank you.