I’m with Joe!

Oct 19, 2008 | Pop Culture/Politics | 5 comments

If (and Lord hear my prayer) Obama looses this election we  might just have to thank “Joe the Plumber”.  This average guy was able to extract four little words from “The One’s” mouth that no one else seemed to be able to,


I can only hope that every day more and more people mesmorised by so called eloquence and Hollywood’s endorsement of the “messiah” will realize what those four little words will mean to themselves, their employers and the welfare state as we know it.
The media, who wets themselves over NoBama every day has gone after this guy Joe with such a vengence they should be embaressed.  Rev. Wright?  The Weather Underground?  ACORN?  Obama’s family ties to the violence in Kenya?  As if there is nothing to investigate they decide to try to destroy this everyday Joe.  

Give me a break.  If they spent 1/16th the time investing B.O.’s unsavory friends…well, you get the picture.
Watch this clip of that elitist snob Diane Sawyer.  Someone who, I confess, I kind of liked.  Cause I thought she was “classy”.  Silly me.
 What a snoot.  She should be ashamed.  So, until the media lays of blue collar straight shooters and actually does a little follow through on people who want to lead this country – I’m with Joe.


  1. Joannah

    I like you to make a guest appearance at the lunch table tomorrow. Okay? I am so sick of my liberal colleagues and their rants against Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin. I don’t want to get into it with them, but I think I’ll start wearing earmuffs or ear plugs during lunch since I can’t tell them to stuff it.

    It’s hard to be a conservative in public education, let me tell you…

  2. Alpaca Farmgirl

    SPREAD THE WEALTH AROUND? Pariesienne, I think we’re gonna have to move to France!

  3. cityfarmer

    IF we have to spread it around I say we start with Miss Elitists’ salary…then see it she’ll shut up

    “Did the McCain camp contact you prior”?…. oh paahhlease!!!!!!

  4. Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam

    Oh my…don’t even get me starter, but since you did….my brother (yes, with ten kids) has been scrapping the barrel for YEARS!! Barely making it and now after he has worked his tail off building his OWN business for 20 years, never going on trips, buying all kids clothes at yards sales, and now (after that) he has finally reached the upper tax level, and now he has to spread his “wealth” around when he has a modest mortgage, tons of kids to put through college and literally gives 20% of his income to help others? I think he’s spreading it around already. This kills me. Ok, but really, you’re not going to get me started. 🙂

  5. Carolyne

    Is it my imagination, or does she really seem to speak slo-w-er during this interview?
    For those of us who never would see this otherwise–Thanks for putting this on your blog!


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