If (and Lord hear my prayer) Obama looses this election we  might just have to thank “Joe the Plumber”.  This average guy was able to extract four little words from “The One’s” mouth that no one else seemed to be able to,


I can only hope that every day more and more people mesmorised by so called eloquence and Hollywood’s endorsement of the “messiah” will realize what those four little words will mean to themselves, their employers and the welfare state as we know it.
The media, who wets themselves over NoBama every day has gone after this guy Joe with such a vengence they should be embaressed.  Rev. Wright?  The Weather Underground?  ACORN?  Obama’s family ties to the violence in Kenya?  As if there is nothing to investigate they decide to try to destroy this everyday Joe.  

Give me a break.  If they spent 1/16th the time investing B.O.’s unsavory friends…well, you get the picture.
Watch this clip of that elitist snob Diane Sawyer.  Someone who, I confess, I kind of liked.  Cause I thought she was “classy”.  Silly me.
 What a snoot.  She should be ashamed.  So, until the media lays of blue collar straight shooters and actually does a little follow through on people who want to lead this country – I’m with Joe.