I’m Still Here…

May 26, 2016 | From France to the Farm, Half Way Farm | 14 comments

I'm Still Here (Farm Life Update) | Parisienne Farmgirl

I’m still here…

and I’m OK.

Thank you to those who have reached out to check on me.

Farm Life Update

We’re on the home stretch here with this sweet baby due in less than six weeks and the strong, spring demands of farm life.

But can you believe it? It’s almost over but as every Momma knows those last six weeks can feel like an eternity. I have such anticipation about holding this new little one in my arms. Smelling him. Loving on him. And in my quiet, free moments, truth be told, I haven’t really felt like blogging. My mind is a flurry of thoughts and I haven’t felt that outpouring… that need to write.

I find myself at such an amazing place in life that I haven’t quite known how to share it or what to say.

My days are full and long and blessed. Little voices surround me all day long – my mother’s cup is overflowing…. the farm is in full swing, just knowing the cookbook,  after all those months of work is done and available brings me such pride and contentment, the doTERRA biz is slowly becoming our main source of income and we find ourselves with guests here all the time who are excited… some, dare I say desperate to learn about how to safely use essential oils, the garden is growing and the flowers are already blessing us with amazing color (considering we just had snow five or six weeks ago).

I'm Still Here


Silly me. I feel finally grown up and arrived.

This is officially our last year on Half-Way Farm as we mentally prepare for the big move next summer.   We’re giddy. The dream boards are in progress and dinner time sharing revolves around what our new farm will be like. Always with Julien’s input that he wants a donkey.


This year we’ve scaled back the garden a bit to just the Potager (and that’s about 2000 square feet and that’s plenty for Miss Prego Pants). The field garden we are turning back to grass and it’s now home to our two new successful ventures for the year:

Pigs and Bees.

We tried our hand at bees last year and it was a bust but this year we find ourselves completely enchanted with the thousands of inhabitants of our new hives.

Watching them work is like a tranq.  They are truly amazing.

The apiary… “Angela’s Apiary” is a source of wonder for all of us. It’s so simple… just the tall grasses and the hives, painted in ombré teal, complete with copper roofs. Mais bien sur.

We are beyond excited to harvest our own honey this fall and praying for continued success so we can have, even just a little, for ourselves before we get the bees settled in for winter. We are all officially addicted, loving the learning curve and will keep bees for the rest of our lives.


And the piggies. “Pig Will and Pig Won’t”  Named after the Richard Scary book my mom used to read to use as children. About six or seven weeks ago I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. It was time for us to learn something new and so I hopped on Craigslist and low and behold, found a great source for feeder pigs about an hour from here.

So, like any NORMAL pregnant woman I lined the back of the truck with heavy paper, had kiddo load up the animal crates and we went for a long drive. With me peeing in a farmer’s field half-way there. Like any normal pregnant woman.


It’s been hard to find feeder pigs around here and while I had my heart set on Old Spots, they are sooooooo hard to find and so we “settled” for our second choice – Berkshires. Introducing the children to yet another aspect of homesteading is always so amazing. Watching their wonder for the first few minutes and then within an hour, we all feel like pros.


I remember the first time I held a chicken about five years ago. NOT being an animal person, it was terrifying. Good heavens, I wore GLOVES to gather my eggs that first morning. Then a few years later it was living on the edge and bringing baby goats home. And then you’re cutting the head off a chicken… and then you butcher your first rabbit Christmas morning… and then you’re helping your beloved goats give birth… and then you’re handling twenty thousand bees like it’s no big deal… and then you’re loading pigs in your Yukon…

And you look back and think – WOW.

You can grow, you can change as a person, you can do your own thing. Say yes to what you want to say yes to. Say no to what you want to say no to. And with a little fight, you can get to a really good place in life by the Grace of God.

That kid of sums up kind of where I’m at.

Fighting a little every day and savoring the presence of the cherished people at my side.

Thanks for reading Angela, Parisienne Farmgirl

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  1. Christi {Jealous Hands}

    Angela – this could not be a more perfect update. I’m so glad you’ve found that place in life. You are amazing to me, as a mama, “farm keeper” and woman. I selfishly hope you keep blogging when you can, and in the meantime I will keep following in IG. xoxo

  2. mandy

    Gosh I love this. I so wish I lived closer to you. We close on our new little homestead June 10th. I am so stinkin’ excited to start this life. And I am super excited to see where you end up and what you end up with as your farm! Enjoy your babies and your life, we’ll be here whenever you have minutes to spare.

    and peeing in a field. you crack em up. been there too.

  3. lori

    love this update! i also am at the place in life where i feel more and more comfortable with who I am and what i makes choices of.
    six more weeks..how exciting!

  4. Pamela Lantz

    So fun to watch the progression of your journey! Your beautiful cookbook arrived this week and I am enjoying reading it like a novel. It is on my bed stand and I savor bits before I sleep. I will be picking a few favorites to try soon and am looking forward to make a few of the dishes for my sons wedding. Thanks for the beauty

  5. Nita Hiltner

    I am old enough to be your mom, and I did have my idea of a farm for the kids when they were little. Two-thirds of an acre with ducks, chickens, guineas, a couple horses, goats and dogs. One cat. One girl took to that life and would never come inside. The other one stuck to her dance and reading indoors. She didn’t appreciate any aspect of it. It was never self-sufficient and I can’t believe I never even had a garden there. But, we did have a little pond for the ducks. I wish I had had this blog then. I would have tried more, aspired to more. I am so jealous of your time of life, the best times, with your babies little. I didn’t home school, but was in PTA and by junior high helping to kick out an unprincipaled principal. I would like to know if you have already found your dream farm, and if not, what are you looking for? I would say to make sure it has a pond, lake or creek for sure.

    • Nita Hiltner

      Oh, and watch the squatting in a field. My friend did that once when she and her family had just arrived at a campground in the black of night. They could not find the bathroom, so she found a clearing to squat in. Just as she was mid-flow with her butt exposed, a truck came around the corner, shining its lights on her whole self. In the morning, they found the bathroom was ten feet away from their truck. LOL!

  6. Angela Muller

    Angela…good to hear you are well, and life is presenting you with many blessings. I’ve read and been inspired by your posts, and always look forward to the next. I get the “farm” feeling, the gardens, producing your own vegetables, I get the bees, the essential oils, etc. However, as an animal advocate, the feeder pigs and photo of you holding one that way, was a bit much for this city girl. So, I will wish you all the best life has to offer, Angela. Good luck with your new baby boy, and your new endeavors, and I will take this moment to say goodbye.

  7. sharon morrison

    Keep on keeping on. You are showing young Mother’s the way. I am 71 now, and love to see your life. I wish I could have seen clearer in the future when I was young. But the 60’s were different, freedom was on the rise for women, however I was wrapped up in being the perfect Mom with the perfect house and car. The right clothes, etc.
    Then in the 80’s I left that life, and turned my home into a soft place to fall, with the art I LOVED. My hubby and I started making things, he furniture, me soft sculptures and dolls, rabbits, etc. Morrison Mercantile began.
    I am a widow now, live comfortable, 2 cats and 2 dogs, but just let go and live the way I want…gather the ones I want around me, and drink the grape of beautiful vineyards. Life is beautiful and graceful.

  8. Donna

    You are such an amazing inspiration.
    I *Love* your life!!!
    ~Donna, aka Belle West 🙂

  9. Ginene Nagel

    I’ve owned a farm and kept chickens, but I’m not a farmer at heart. Dang girl, I’ve been upset for the last hour because you were holding that piglet upside down by one of his/her leg. The older I get, the less meat I eat and the more I love all living things. Just an old hippy…love and peace and all that.
    Good luck and speedy delivery of your newest one to love.

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Actaully it keeps them really calm when you’re carrying them. They had just spend an hour in a vehicle and were scared. Upsides down for the twenty foot walk to the pen kept them still and quiet. They’re out in the grass pasture now and soooo happy!

  10. Carrie Norman

    Tell me more about that teal!

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Deep See Dive by Ace Hardware’s Valspar. That’s the color you see on the brood box and then I’m just adding a little white as we advance with the ombré effect. I love the color cause I love peacocks and it reminds me of Peacock teal.

  11. Faith

    Just awesome. You are superwoman. I love it. Can’t wait to come visit again. I miss you!!


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