I’m Just Waiting for the Click

Mar 30, 2006 | Uncategorized | 9 comments

It’s Thursday night and I am waiting for the “click.” and no, I dont mean the blog groupies. If you do know what I mean than I love you all the more, if you don’t, rent the phenomenal all time favorite in the Reed house, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Dang, it is so good.

I have the entire evening to myself and what am I doing? I am blogging. Oh Brother (where are thou?) While the rest of you crazies are gearing up for Idol (Idolitry) I am trying to figure out which of my 15 million hobbies I am going to do. Thus the click. When it comes maybe it will speak to me so for now I blog.

Let’s see…my options vary…Memoirs of a Geisha, memoirs of my adventures in Paris, memoirs of a laundry pile, memoirs of the Thai food that just arrived, memoirs of a bunch of ego maniacs with sorid pasts stuck on an island, memoirs of a concert that must live up to its, “the best entertainment at the park, ever” reputation, memoirs of the last 3 years of my life that still need to me scrapbooked. Crap, come on click, speak to me!

Perhaps I will just give in and sit at my big table with my Thai and my laptop (our DVD player is busted), Chinese girls acting like Japanese girls and I will act as though FOR ONCE I will just give myself a break and let the evening flow. Once I’ve got my click of course.


  1. Life in the 'Burbs

    Click! Paint the hutch that is taking up so much space in your garage!! :o) did you know my friends are now reading your blogs from reading your comments on my blog??

  2. julee

    Click! Send me the basics so I can write your bio for the FP playbill!! 🙂 Do your friends now know that I’m reading their blogs their comments on your blog???

  3. julee

    should read…”from their comments”

  4. Life in the 'Burbs

    Click…you asked for something to do so I offered up an idea!! What’s up with barfing baby? Is he OK???

  5. julee

    check your e-mail and let me know what you think

  6. cityfarmer

    Found a Bud Light light. Do you still see that over the Dale Jr. poster?
    It’s your house ya know and we like to use what you already have.

  7. cityfarmer

    More newsy comments. Waitin for you to feel another blog coming on.
    Guess we’ll have to blog in DeVinci code.

  8. Amanda

    Aren’t you moved to write another now that I am an addict?


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