I’m Blogging and I Share It

Between Lil’ Fred and the Peterson Bros.
The kids and I have had some fun dancing around the computer
these last few days!

These guys rock.
I love farm boys in their dirty clothes… 
reminds me of childhood memories
 from my Grandparents farm (of my uncle and his buddies).  
Some day… real soon I’m gonna have my own 
farm boys in dirty clothes.

It’s gonna happen.

The “I work out (side).” part is my favorite.

4 thoughts on “I’m Blogging and I Share It”

  1. That video is hilarious! It looks like something my former highschool students would’ve done.
    Funny how small the world has become with the Internet, YouTube videos, and FB.


  2. Man, I just loved this video. It is greatness. I read a book about our founding fathers and how they believed the success or failure of our new country depended on growing things ourselves in this new country,and they were right.

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