Down for the Count

Apr 30, 2008 | On Motherhood | 7 comments

Alors, Here I am on my bed checking on blogs and there she is in the closet,
“sqwak, sqwak, sqwak!”
(Yes, she sleeps in the closet and my bed for now.)
Not really screaming but I know she would be happier if I just went in and picked her up. She would go right to sleep.
Never a big fan of the “make ’em scream” idea I have noticed that loving her into La-La Land isn’t really going to work with two children. There just isnt time. So, to my saddness the other night I made her duke it out for 50 minutes. Not bloodcurdling and not for the entire 50 minutes but she was really wanting her Momma. And I wanted her too but I know that there is work to be done and another little one who needs me. (She ended up sleeping from 7:50 until 2:30 in the morning and at the point I brought her in bed with me.)
The problem is, they say consistency is key but Aidan is down and now I really could take the time to soothe her – I just can’t decide. She keeps getting quite but then when she cries it is more and more ferocious.
See, if you did not know. I am the Nap Nazi. I BELIEVE that children need naps, lots of them and every day. YES, it cramps my style and this is about the baby age that I have to stay home most of the time to avoid car naps and keep her on schedule but Aidan proves to be and angel with his nap and QUITE THE DEVIL without it. Honestly, if he is nasty you can trace it back to his missing a nap sometime within the last 3 days. It takes him that long to catch up.
Moments later…Ok now she is quite. This is her…nope, crying again. Shoot. Anyways, this is her 4th sleeping time since the big cry the other night and the little stinker just won’t give in. Poor baby, but like I said, I just don’t have the luxury of lounging around all day…Ok quite again. Dang girl, give it up!
Moms, do you ever feel like all you do is make food and try to get people to go to sleep? Someday’s I confess that makes me want to rip my hair out (which really isn’t necessary cause it’s falling out in clumps thanks to hormones) but today I am so happy to be a Mom. Happy to have the luxury (I mean sacrifice) of staying at home with my chickens and even happier cause I think she is finally asleep!

Where’s the wine?

JUST KIDDING. You know I only drink wine with dinner!


  1. Farmgirl Cyn

    Gina was the worst. She was such a fussy baby, if I didn’t let her cry it out, I would never have gotten anything done, or spent any time with Giselle. I hated doing it, as she was so pitiful. But…she’s a well-adjusted adult, and we both survived. You guys will, too.

  2. Julee Ann

    Ben was my no-nap-taker. I think the longest one was 50 minutes. Of course, we all know, he was the crabbiest, too. In his defense, I think he was hungry because some well-meaning Type-A pastor’s wife told me to feed him only on a strict schedule. I can still hear her voice “I feed mine at 8, 12, 4, 8, and 12.” WHAT? Do what your heart says.
    Funny Story: When I first started reading this, I thought maybe you had found your cell phone and the “Sqwak, sqwak, sqwak,” was the low battery signal.

    Are you sure your momma doesn’t have it in a jacket pocket, or her car, etc?

  3. HomemakerAng

    i confess all my babies sleep with us til a year or more… works for me… BUT, they take great naps in their cribs all by themselves…

    i have a crib in your room for A and a leetle bed for A when you stay

  4. Faith

    I think you have to do what feels right. It is so hard to hear them cry it out, but sometimes it’s for the best. Yes, I feel like I do NOTHING but laundry, dishes, picking up after everyone, preparing food, breaking up fights, and trying to get people to go to bed. Honeslty the thing I get the most tired of is the laundry, because it NEVER ends!!!! If The clothes would just magically clean, fold and put themselves away I would be so much happier!!!

  5. Rebecca Ramsey

    I would give you advice but I don’t have any. Two of my three were horrible sleepers, and the one who wasn’t was always running ninety miles an hour in his waking moments, exhausting himself.

    I will say that now they sleep fine. I’m the one waking up all the time!
    Hang in there!

  6. Life in the 'Burbs

    I was going to comment on the “never ending laundry” and Faith beat me to it. Seriously, if I don’t do laundry for week, it is a minimum of 8 loads come Monday. Just wait until your kids change their clothes 2-3 times a day! It happens around age 3, and even my boys did it. Needless to say, a Mother’s job is never done. Good thing the work has great rewards :o)

    ps…And I totally thought the “squawk squawk” thing was your phone too!! hahaha

  7. HomemakerAng

    i will call you tonight so you have my number in your new phone… you must be on line right now as i just see a comment coming through from you



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