So, I don’t usually do this (link things I have read on Facebook) but I am so upset right now.  ‘Cause that’s the kind of girl I am – things p–s me off and I can get a bit worked up sitting here at the computer.

To lead in… 
I am now MORE THAN EVER interested in the food I feed my family.  EVERY day I learn something new and without sounding like a nut I swear… “they” are trying to kill us.  🙂

You know I can get preachy about food but I just want to shout things I learn from the rooftops.  GOD MADE US SO WONDERFULLY and we are DESTROYING ourselves and most of the time we don’t even know it.

Our move onto this farm was so that we could take MORE control over our diet… as much as we can, with what our landlord will allow.  Yes, I am into “Homesteading”  – each day it fascinates me more.  I still love my fashion, still love my wine, still love Paris, still speak French to my kids – but what could be MORE CHIC than feeding your body pure, chemical free, (not to mention, slimming) food?   

We can’t WAIT to plop those first seeds in the ground and we are SO PROUD to be the only farm I’ve ever heard of in the area feeding their hens organic NON GMO, SOY FREE feed.  
Yes, we’re into it.  
It is something our entire family is SO excited about.  

Please, take 5 minutes and read this story about another family who made the “homesteading” decision on a much bigger, much more serious (life or death) scale.  You won’t believe what people who want to help their families LIVE and THRIVE are up against. 

My knickers are definitely in a knot.