Glory Hallelujah.
I am getting a new refrigerator.

We really enjoy our kitchen, aside from the garden, it is the room where I spend the majority of my days.
I LOVE my oven, it has really made me a better cook, we don’t own a microwave (we haven’t for ten years)…and my dishwasher, well, it’s falling apart and I don’t care but, my fridge –
I’ll be gentle and say it’s a dinosaur, a piece of junk. Trust me, there have been worse moments when I have said much worse things about it. I have slammed it, cursed it and I have actually kicked it a few times. Really.
I have been praying for a solution.
It’s about twenty years old and a few years ago the sealer or whatever it is called began to slide around on the freezer. It won’t seal. We have even had to duct tape it closed!!! The result is that the fridge runs non-stop and the freezer fills up with icy stalactite’s and stalagmites that shatter to the kitchen floor every time you open the door!!!!!
This ice builds up into huge chunks and this causes even more trouble when you close the door. The photo you will see is AFTER we chipped all the ice off a few days ago. And that is not all…
It’s going berserk, the fridge now freezes things and I can not count the times I have pulled something out of the fridge only to find it frozen – lettuce, cheese, zucchinis – things freezing in your fridge, it’s enough to make a housewife cry – and it does…often.
This morning I told Joel, as ice chunks fell to the floor that I could not take it anymore, and this time I meant it!!! A good old fashioned, pregnant woman nervous breakdown was around the corner if I drove the hideous 40 minutes for groceries only to have half of them freeze in the fridge overnight once again.
So, are you ready? Drumroll…
We bought a industrial, stainless steel, “fridge only” (and a “freezer only” to put in the basement – we were going to get one of those anyways). I am so excited about my new “fridge only.” There are no crisper drawers to end up full of crumbs and rotten little pieces of produce, there are no glass shelves to wipe down each week before grocery shopping. Instead the shelves look like oven racks and I am simply going to get some of those quality, acrilic type containers for storage. It even has castors! I love my fridge all “anal rententive” and organized and this is going to be a fantasy come true. WHOOOO-EEEEE!
I feel like I am getting a new house! We never do anything like this and quite frankly, I feel like a princess. No more of Joel and I screaming in unison “Don’t open that!” out of horror and embarrassment when a family member or guest opens our fridge!!!!!!!!
Every housewife needs a pick me up like this now and again! I am bouncing off the walls! We have to move a few cabinets and come up with a place to put the children’s precious magnet games – my creative juices are going crazy. The ideas will be shared I promise.
Sunday is delivery day and you can bet your ice chunks I will be posting photos of our new toy but in the mean time, laughter is therapy and so, like my laundry room basement I am “keepin’ it real” – go ahead and have a good laugh…

Yummmy – Nothing like freezer burned broccoli!

The ice growth four days after being cleaned out.

We stockpile everything toward the front of the fridge in hopes that it won’t freeze (there are ice chunks growing on the back of the fridge).

I have got at this thing with a toothbrush many a time but a few years ago when it started falling apart I just gave up.

Here is how Big Daddy will be paying for our new treat. He has scraped this house every day for the last 6 days. His arms have been falling asleep at night – God bless that man for how hard he works!!! PS – This DARLING house needs a buyer!!!