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I have 6 days to make Great Gramma’s Cinnamon rolls, Reine de Saba French Amaretto Chocolate cakes, hundreds of Macarons and more!  
What DON’T I have time for?
“Don, The Census Man”.
This afternoon, after a VERY STRESSFUL morning of three munchkins who were over, over tired after setting up at Nada Farm all day yesterday… well, I got them down for their naps… and silence.  Sheer, glorious SILENCE!  
I rolled out G.G.’s rolls…
KNOCK!  KNOCK!  KNOCK at the kitchen door!
I look up – hands covered in dough and braless and low and behold, there stood the Census Man. 
Just Great.
“Can I help you?”
He starts to unfurl all the papers on his clipboard and though I was irritated I tried to hide my giggle as all I could think of was one of my favorite lines from one of my all time favorite movies, “Oh Brother Where art Thou”
“I nicked the Census Man.”
“Now there’s a good boy.”

(Dang, that kills me.  You can see that at about 9:30 on the above YouTube clip.  Sorry, You Tube would not let me post it.
That entire thing makes me cry with laughter.  People either get it and think it’s the most genius, most funny movie ever or they look at you like you are a raving lunatic when you tell them how hilarious it is.)
Well, “Don” didn’t think it was that funny when I told him, “Now is not a good time.”
I mean.  Come on.  Lucy and Ethel are hanging there in all their glory (or should I say remembering their former glory!), no one was asking my to help them to the toilet or break apart a tight fitting Lego.  
 So he asked when he could come back and I nicely and sincerely said, “In two weeks.”  Serious.  
My life is so jam packed for the next couple weeks I am not sharing a moment with “DON.”  So he tells me, “That is not a timely fashion.  This information needs to reach the president’s desk in a timely fashion.”  My tongue bled as I bit it to keep from saying that I did not give a rat’s a- –  about the President’s desk.  And I had to stop myself from congratulating him on making it look like the unemployment numbers were up for and April & and May.  What happens when the 17,000 other Census Employees like “Don” are done harassing housewife’s who have better things to do then fill out the census “in a timely fashion”??? – Good heavens, in getting ready for this sale, I have days where I can’t even BRUSH MY TEETH in a timely fashion’!
So, deductive reasoning -n- all, I ask him, “Wait a minute, if I filled out and mailed mine two weeks ago, how is yours, that you are filling out right now, gonna beat mine… to the Presidents desk?”
He didn’t like that very much.  Especially after I asked him that question three times. So, finally he says, “So you’re refusing?”
“Yes, I am refusing.  I mailed it in.”  And, I turned on my heal and went back to my cinnamon rolls.  
Good times.
And speaking of these oozy, gooey, delicious babies, you’re gonna have to have one Saturday morning while you shop!  We even have a lighted, cozy, graveled courtyard for you to sip your coffee and enjoy your pastry!
BTW  – being the wanna-be rebel that I am.  The only questions I answered on the Census were “How many people live in your house”
And what race we were