Blue, Blue the sky is blue…shake n’ shake, Daddy-O, Daddy-O!

Dang, I love that stupid Old Navy commercial. It makes my want to jump around my living room! The sky however is not blue. It is a dreary shade of SNOW. And I in my kercheif and Pa in his cap have just polished off my third box of Girl Scout Thin Mints in the last 7 days.

Father, it has been one year since my last confession and I confess that I hate those little patch sewing, cookie selling brats. Every year, just as I increase my work outs to get ready for bikini season those little stinkers come around with their tempting, colorful order form. And this year with the baby belly to keep plugging away at. Unfair.

With now thirty years on the planet I can display a fair amount of self control in front of a well done, pepperoni Rosatis Pizza, I know when to stop drinking, I have even grown to hate milk chocolate but those wretched Thin Mints are a vice and I am in their grip! I eat those damn things like popcorn. They are so crunchy and so good and this stupid voice inside says, “Just eat them all and get it over with.” So this morning that is just what I did. Now I have a stomach ache and I will probably shit Thin Mints the rest of the week. But Hallelujah they are gone and no longer around to tempt me…’til next year that is.

The snow is really coming down and you will pardon my language again when I tell you that there is an asshole out their snowblowing. We are supposed to get six inches and this dork is out there with only a half and inch on the ground. Aidan is TRYING to nap. Why doesnt that guy just get a life? Besides, it is going to be melted by Sunday anyways!

I need a toothbrush – those nasty cookies are settled into all the nooks and crannies of my teeth but before I go I did want to share with you my new photo website.

Since my blog is public I will not write the password but will share with you that it is the first part of my email address. Think real hard. I will add this photo gallery to my links over to the right one of these days but for now you can put it on your favorites and view and order photos at your leisure.

My leisure will be spent inside today. Swearing at myself for my gluttony, at the idiot with the snowblower for having no common sense and of course snuggling, chasing after and playing with babydoll. You should be so lucky.