I Love You, A Bushel and a Peck!

Oct 7, 2006 | Full Time Family | 6 comments

Big Daddy just finished the biggest job we have ever done and for now his days of a two hour commute are over. This morning’s commute was 3 minutes – he powerwashed a house in the area and then the day was ours!

Nary a cloud to be found – we headed northwest for Royal Oaks apple orchard. Set on what must be one thousand acres we paid (outrageously!) for our bushel and a half of apples (“I love you, a bushel and a peck!”) and set out among eleven thousand trees to pick Empires and Roma’s for applesauce. Roma’s on account of them being “out” of McIntosh.

What fun.

I have never (to my recollection) picked apples before and I found it quite easy. But I also found myself wanting to do my Dorothy impersonation, exclaiming, “Apples” and I kept expecting gnarly branches to start throwing their fruits at me.

Into the video camera I told Joel, as I crawled out of a tree that I had met this snake and he thought Joel would really like the lucious fruit I held in my hand. It got a good laugh. “That’s good babe.” We giggled.

We giggled at the thought of Nick and Victoria and all the countless memories they will get to make on cheezy outings like ours today. Happy, happy, happy.

Aidancakes loved the petting zoo, the mini train ride and he was so-so on the carousel. We enjoyed apple cider donuts (Joel and Aidan’s first!) and the sunshine. It was delightful.

This year’s applesauce will taste even better with such a lovely memory behind it!

P.S. Aidan is off one of his meds, 28 more days ’til we nix the next one. Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Amanda

    Missed you on the blog. What FUN FUN FUN! We do something similar each year. I am starting all of these memories with my family now too and it’s awesome…things I never did as a kid. Firsts for all of us. Miss you.

  2. Faith

    Glad Aidan is doing well. Looks like a fun time. Soooooo excited fot Nic!!!!

  3. julee

    I would have pics posted already of the apples that are now applesauce in my freezer, but my digital camera bit the dust (sand) this summer and I’ve resorted to 35mm. So it goes. Great news about Aidan. Funny story about the snake. Keep ’em coming…

  4. cityfarmer

    Ang, you did not tell me of the latest medicine update….I’m thrilled. Keep me posted.

    I’m so about cows lately!!!!!!

  5. cityfarmer

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. Gramiamplusone

    Picking apples can be addictive. Looks like you have a day to remember. When will you do you sauce? Let me know how it turns out!!!!


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