I love my friends. Especially the old ones. I was graciously reminded of my more “afrocentric” days in High School by an old friend and must admit they are some of my fondest memories. Dance routines, backwards overalls, Pink Oil (don’t ask) and all. I still find the word annoying but can’t deny my roots even if they don’t go all the way back to the MotherLand.
I write to you as I listen to Aidan cry it out. He has only been napping for 35 minutes and if he thinks he is getting up he has another thing coming. What a darling baby and how honored I am that God chose me to be his mother. Sadly that commission includes doing what is best for him even when it makes him mad.
Today we are experiencing the three C’s. Cold, crappy and cloudy and I suppose I should get used to it. If I don’t change my attitude at this time of year I can easily tank. Instead of complaining about the 3 C’s I am compelled (hey, what’s with the “c” thing?) to call (haha) this a magical time of year.
This is a time to hot glue ripped Dorothy costumes and make gnome beards out of cotton balls. Soon my giant Maples will loose their leaves and I will GET to rake. I love to rake leaves. Correction. I love to rake MY leaves. I have this lovely neighbor who lets his all fall to the ground and then he just waits for those windy November days and they all blow right into my garden. This year I am going to suck them up with the blower and deposit them back in his yard right before the first snow.
Mwa, hahahaaha. (That was my Halloween laugh.)
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and in a week or so Aidan will be 5 months old. (This means I have a week or so to loose the last 5 of the 42 pounds I gained. Did I just tell you how much weight I gained??? I must be nuts. But you knew that.)
Our new tradition the last few years has been to cut our own Christmas Tree. This year will be Aidans first. How exciting.
So, I guess with cold, crappy and cloudy weather comes snuggly nights and twinkling lights. This year I am a Momma and someone very little is watching my every move. I would never want him to get depressed at this time of year so I commit to set a good example.
Oh, and don’t worry. Little Aidan only cried for a few minutes and then fell back asleep. He is getting the hang of it. I guess we all are.