I Like Him!

Jan 23, 2007 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 5 comments

Warning. This is an anadultereated brag fest.

I like my son.

Of course I love him. On course an oncoming bus would be no match for my love for him. Of course tears come to my eyes when I see his sparkling in my rear view mirror. AND, I truly like him.

It’s not that I am not happy when Joel gets home at night. Of course having another adult around to help is wonderful but I have never had a, “This kid is making me crazy feeling.” Moments of frustration of course – but I am stunned at how much I enjoy his company.

Aidan is a sharp as a tack. He is affectionate beyond measure. He loves to listen to music and he HAS to watch the Mac visualizer while he does so. He spends 65% of his free time laying on the floor drawing with his colors. During the other 35% of his time if I ask him if he wants to color he squeals and about jumps out of his skin.

Aidan loves to play the piano. He loves to dance with us. He enjoys stiring whatever is cooking on the stove and he loves to talk to his dad on speakerphone.

He loves to sit on the couch (insisting on being covered with the blanket) and reading books. He is equally enthused about being read to. It does not matter what the reading matter is: The Restoration Hardware catalog or Thomas the Tank Engine.
Aidan loves to open the shades so the sun can shine in and at night he loves to look out his window at the moon in the sky.

Aidan loves his Robeez boots and often insists on wearing them to bed. He loves to have little, little sips of beer just like his Daddy and when Daddy’s keys jingle at the door at night Aidan comes a’runnin if he is not already watching for him at the window.

Aidan DOES NOT like to have his heart listened to but he loves to listen to my heart. He FREAKS OUT with excitement at bath time and this excitement doubles if one of us will join him.

Aidan LOVES to eat. He does it very vocally and very ferociously. Anything. Garlic chunks to pomagranate seeds. Broccoli to his favorite fruit cup from Panera (another situation where he literally jumps out of his skin when he spots it while we are standing in line.)

Aidan does not like it when I am at the computer but would play with the mouse all day if I would let him.
Aidan LOVES to go through the mail.

He does not like it if he has to wait for his food. (Last week I did not have dinner ready “in time” and he went to the pantry, grabbed a bag of chips and helped himself).

Aidan LOVES to have his photograph taken. Over and over and over again.

He is like having a little friend around all day. Don’t get me wrong – I am his mother and that is what I do all day –
“mother him” but, at the same time he is just so dang interesting it feels a little like I am cheating. Is it supposed to be this enjoyable??
About 3 hours after tucking him in at night I miss him like crazy. I rejoice every morning when I get to bring that cozy little boy in bed with us for the family snuggle.

I suppose it is his “joie de vivre” – it reminds me of my own. I have been known to freak out about the things that I love too. With him- I am in good company. He has been in bed for an hour and we are settling into “24” but secretly, I can’t wait ’til tomorrow morning.

I just really like that boy.


  1. cityfarmer

    Shall we dance????

    I can see very clearly all the little scenarios you just spoke of…AND being mamie, I know,I know…however he is a most interesting, well behaved,adorable, smiling educated, likeable toddler…and we all have YOU and BDJ to thank…

  2. Amanda

    Angela, how can you not like him, he takes after his wonderful momma….LOVED seeing you…if I didn’t tell you that already…ohhhh, I’ll attempt to post a pic from my phone right now….SO SO SO SO SO mad I didn’t have my camera….I can’t believe you put up with me that night! WOW, will probably delete the videos….

  3. FarmgirlCyn

    Is it the new camera or is it just the subjects??? Beautiful photo and sentiments!


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