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Nov 11, 2006 | Pop Culture/Politics | 2 comments

“Liberalism IS a mental disorder”

Thankfully I did not see it, but sadly through media osmosis have learned that today on the View Rosie again opened her big (is that nicer than “fat yapper”) mouth again and said…

“We need more faith and less fear.”

Profound if you are referring to obeying the LORD and “Fearing not” and “Having Faith” but our (least) favorite celebrity in all her Manhattan (and by that I mean; elitist-pagan-out-of touch-with-middle-America-and-God’s-word -or-that-matter type people) wisdom was referring to…


“After all, they are mothers and fathers too.”

Is she crazy? Do I need to ask? Does she want us to have more faith in the kind of people that were going to use their six month old baby as part of a bombing? Or does she want us to have more faith in the kind of mothers that rejoice when their sons strap explosives to their bodies? After all they are mothers…just like us. ( This simply again shows us how the Devil can pervert even the most pure experience of life: motherhood.)

This bastion of the family (as she poses to be) also HAD CONFETTI DROPPED FROM THE CEILING to celebrate Brittany’s divorce from K-whats his butt. Now, the most I know about them is that our neighbors dressed up like them for Halloween but if she (she, being Rosie) is so fricken concerned about children why would she rejoice in that fact that two more children in the world will now be raised in a broken home? No matter how jacked up a family is it is always something to be mourned when it falls apart.

I don’t get her but even more so I don’t get why the women of America fawn all over her. Especially Christian women. Her mockery of the Pastor Haggard travesty was disgusting (she looked into the camera and reminded Evangelicals that if there are 30 million of us in America then statistically speaking, 3 million of us are gay.

Can you say “agenda.”

Anyways, I have no profound conclusion except to say that I understand how it goes as a house wife/mother/women…you’re working out, you’re folding laundry…you throw on the T.V. thinking you might find something to “entertain” you during your chore and you just end up hearing a bunch of crap disguised in a pretty little package.

Just turn it off. Throw on some music, sing at the top of your lungs, listen to Focus on the Family of something that is actually going to help you get thru your week….

You do however have my permission to watch Oprah’s, “My Favorite Things” episode as long as your don’t struggle with malcontentment. I wouldn’t want to enable you. 🙂


  1. Terri

    Excuse me, but may I just say you are so right about Rosie. I won’t watch the view anymore because of her.

    I also get very worked up about the ability of these celebraties to “buy” babies, like the rest of us go buy a kitten or a puppy. Disgusting when you think how many married couples would love to adopt a baby or two but can’t afford to pay all the fees involved.

    Thanks for saying what I was thinking!
    God bless!

  2. Shabby in the City

    You hit all the nails on the head and I agree so much with you.


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