I got it Bad and that aint Good…

May 19, 2006 | From France to the Farm | 5 comments

So here I am. Going thru MAJOR France withdrawl. Who are these people that pack up and move to a little village, garden and cook all day and become friends with the town artist? They surely don’t have Grammas that they would miss as much as I would miss mine…

I wanted to go next spring. Even if I was a little pregnant by then but I just dont see that happening. I wanted to dash over there on a shoestring – even if we had to be back to the apartment by 7pm each night for my boy to go to bed. I have instead decided to save my money and go someday…maybe inbetween babys number two and three. It would be lovely to go for three weeks or something. By that time only one of two children will be able to ride for free. It seems a crime to charge a fifty pound person $600-800. I swear a two year old should still be able to sit on your lap. Those airlines still want us all to believe they are going broke. Ridicule!

In the meantime I still havent finished proofing my book. It would be so fun to self publish it and post it on Parisienne Farmgirl…even sell it at the Borders down the street. Clearly my garden is taking front and center stage and my little laptop looks lonely on the front porch. “We used to spend so much time together.” he says, “Now you would rather get dirty and pull weeds.”

Tis true. But on cloudy days with not a dime to spend on my dirt and flowers the guilt of another project yet unfinished haunts me. (Then WHY am I blogging??)

A friend recently asked me what I do with all my time (funkadelica!) I thought that was about the funniest question anyone has ever asked me. I will cut her some slack as she is out of state and does not drive by like some (life in the burbs) many times a week to see me half covered in mud, painting a dresser, with a French lesson playing in the background.

So many hobbies keep me close to home. (I mean, if you dont LOVE your home then why bother???) and they suck my little jar on top of the fridge dry. I haven’t even begun to save for Paris yet. But it’s no fun if you go into debt over your passions. Then they become a burden. I saved for two years the first time we went and one day I opened my envelope and counted 1,000 dollars I was so proud. That was before health insurance, bigger mortgages and doctor bills. Patience is a virtue.

In the meantime I am enjoying life. I’ve thought about toning my passions down a little…wait a minute. No I haven’t. If there are no irons in your fire then you arent getting anything done. The Farmgirl in me is obessed with getting things done…even if rarely get completed.

So, my garden will grow, scapbook by scrapbook will get done, I may even edit a video or two, I will practice for my concert, lift weights, read, cook, BLOG, paint, paint, paint and paint some more and then one lovely day a few years from now I will hop off a plane in terminal B, with the love of my life and darling children in tow, buy 4 R.E.R. tickets or if Joel has his way, hail and cab and find myself in the 5th or the 4th…maybe even the 7th with a view of the Eiffel Tower and the wait will have been worth it.


  1. Amanda

    I cannot wait until you have a second child, and just for reference my NOW THREE year old (tomorrow Landon will be THREE) still only weighs 32 lbs. so, maybe you’ll get both kids over for free. You’re a rockstar! I love you!

  2. teambarrett18

    What happen with your tree? (sorry to get off track)

  3. Amanda

    Yeah really, what happened to the tree? Will it be okay? Thanks for reading my blogs…made my day! It’s fun…XOXO

  4. julee

    No worries, to everything there is a season and a purpose under heaven! You did figure out that I’m posting while I’m gone on here didn’t you?

  5. Amanda

    Ang, when are we going to see each other? GREAT question….when is the date?


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