style="text-align: center;">So, I am just throwing this together… I am participating Jen Rizzo’s hutch mania so be sure to head back to her site to check out everyone else’s… and if you are new to Parisienne Farmgirl, thank you SO MUCH for the visit!

I have no tim to sort out the “before” photos on the external hard drive but I quick ran around the house and took photos of all my hutches this morning. 
 That’s right “all“…
Because I am addicted to hutches.  Back a few years ago when I used to paint A LOT of furniture for people, hutches were my specialty.  I love re-designing a hutch.
Gotta get the peppers in the from Potager and the get kitchen cleaned up so here’s a whirlwind tour…
 The kitchen hutch.  This was designed by a Wisconsin salvage wood artist.  I love this piece, it is such a statement piece in our kitchen and gives me a place to throw my Shakespeare books, silver and ironstone.  The broom in the corner is a nice touch – non?
Exibit B.  This one is in the living room.  It holds books, plates, dried flowers… I have had it for almost 15 years and about 5 years ago re-did it.
 I redesigned it from a dark, almost cherry, typical antique that I found in a local antique town.  I am sure you can picture the before – your typical 1940″s hutch.  
The re-design was inspired by a hutch in Provence Style… one of my favorite design books.  A “how to”  for creating a worn, french faux finish will be featured in “a little book” I am writing… shhhhhhh….
What it used to look like.
It’s been three years since I did this one and it still makes me giddy.  It was your typical… (there’s that word again), 70’s wood.  Ya know, with the speckles on it?  But, low and behold, it DID have the tiny chicken wire in it.  I found it at a local barn sale for a SONG because one of the glass panels was missing.  HA!  Little could she have imagined I was going to take them out anyways!
This teal re-design was inspired by that Belgium chateau featured in Veranda a few years back… remember those to die for paneled walls?  I still would love to do an entire room like that.  This “how to” will be in the book too… 
This is a horrible photo.  I am so sorry.  This hutch is in Amélie’s bedroom and there are better shots of it in my Design on a Centime files on this blog.  I left the glass intact but changed some features like the back of the cabinet.  There is a serious amount of distressing and faux finishing going on here and it does the trick as a charming statement piece in her bedroom.  It looks a little messy as I was looking for a certain blouse for her early this morning but it is fun to show off all the little skirt, shoes, etc.
When you can get them for $6-$12 a pair… well, I would have a ton too!
This is our TV cabinet.  We don’t have cable so it get’s used about 3 times a month when the kids watch WALL-E or Toy Story… au francais mais bien sur…. it’s not really a corner cabinet I just shoved it in the corner and ripped off the back so the TV could hang out and breath.  I got it at a barn sale for nil and the person was in the process of stripping it to re-finish it.  I kind of like the gritty way it is now so I have not touched it.  It came originally from a local estate where the entire house was done in a castle theme.  It suits our needs very well.
Crest detail.
So, there you have it.  All in all I paid no more than….
$440 for all 5 pieces.  
You can’t hardly beat that.
  They are VERY functional pieces and with an old house and family you can’t beat that either!
Thanks Jen for the great idea!!!!