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 I only recommend product that I personally use myself.It was requested that I give specific instructions 

on how to use a French Press so… why not?


1.  Choose your coffee!  I recommend Trader Joe’s Organic French Roast or Starbuck’s Café Verona
2.  For a full Press measure out four generous tablespoons of coffee beans.
3.  Grind coffee – Not to big…
4.  But just right… you don’t want the grounds too small or they will escape thru the mesh!
5.  Pour it into your empty Press.
6.  Boil your water – small boil
7.  Carefully pour the water in, it will look like really strong tea.
8.  Stir your grounds in, I do about twenty twirls with the closest thing I can grab, usually a butter knife.
9.  Put the lid on, but do not push it down, put a clean dish towel thru the handle
10. Wrap one side over the other, this will keep your coffee warm as you enjoy it
11.  Wait about 4 minutes and press your coffee with a flat palm, it should press down with just a little resistance.  If you have to really push, your coffee is not ready to be pressed.
12.  ENJOY!!!

We switched years ago to a French Press.  I take it with me to families homes, on vacation, I even fill a mug and carry French pressed coffee into restaurants (I also bring my own wine glass to tastings 🙂  I will NEVER own a conventional coffee pot again.  This is how coffee is supposed to taste.  
French Presses are available in a variety of prices from the coveted le Creuset to the affordable, if not still decadent Bodom.  If you are ready to make the change that will rock your morning routine here is a selection to chose from.

 Sterling Pro, $33.85
Grosche, $33.19
Bodum Chambord (My personal favorite) $42.90
And the one I really want, Le Creuset $59.90