The time had come.

Twice a year I clean my copper.

I do love the patina but by the time half-a-year rolls around it’s time to spruce it up a bit… I mean wow. Those pots and pans take a beating. Bacon grease… dust… daily use. Did I mention bacon grease? We eat a lot of bacon.

I hate cleaning copper, I hate cleaning product fumes. I can’t even walk down that aisle at the grocery store without practically dying! So it was time to bust out the tomato sauce.

Yeap – that’s right.

How to Clean Copper Naturally?

Tomato sauce (puree, ketchup…) cleans copper right up. Yep. Tomato sauce. If it’s filthy you may need to bust out the copper scouring pads but otherwise bathing your copper in tomato sauce will clean your copper like a mofo.

Did I say that?

How to Clean Copper Naturally

I’m in full cookbook mode. I mean… that’s all I do. Or at least that’s what it feels like. Bake food, cook food, stage food, photograph food, write about food. This little beauty “From France to the Farm” will be available on Amazon before you can say toute de suite!

Over and over again. AND – I mean I still have to do the laundry for these people… can you believe that? Like clean underwear is some sort of God given right?? This cookbook is a total, homespun labour of love and I just can’t WAIT to hold it in my hot little hands. How about you?

My kitchen has taken SUCH a beating – even more than normal, so this easy-peasy copper cleaning routine saved my butt.  Perhaps it will save yours!

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How to Clean Copper Naturally: 1 Got Patina? Want shine? 2 Tomato sauce for 30 minutes... 3 Brilliant copper!

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