Houston, We Have a Seven Year Old

Jun 10, 2012 | Full Time Family, Parisienne Farmgirl Entertains | 13 comments

  Not my Dad.
The gentleman standing with his arm around my kiddo is…
Captain James Lovell
Captain of the infamous Apollo 13 mission!

After many weeks of planning with Captain Lovell’s secretary we finally pulled it off and Aidan got to meet the one hero he has ever expressed a desire to meet!  It was so awesome… I mean… as a Momma to see his face.  
We all cried.

We went to Lovell’s restaurant in Lake Forest, Illinois and told Aidan there was some NASA memorabilia there (other wise he would have wondered why we were dragging him to some place he had never heard of… and fancy at that for his birthday).
We got seated and Captain Lovell’s secretary came to the table to confirm I was (the stalker) Mom she had been talking with the last few weeks and within five minutes here comes Jim Lovell around the corner to wish my son a Happy Birthday.

When he introduced himself Aidan was so perplexed!  He said, “Hey…. what are YOU doing here?!”

Oh my gosh… it was so awesome!

A SPECIAL thanks to Julie who laid the groundwork (as family friends of the Lovells), Susan, Mom, and Ms. Weeks for helping me pull this off!!!
Aidan will NEVER forget it!

Two days later was the REAL birthday – Lego City/Lego Star Wars style.
Aidan and I collaborated on the cake and we loved the way it came out.  I REALLY enjoy duplicating fonts… hmmm… I still haven’t showed you the “I Love Lucy” font I did on a cake a few weeks ago… note to self…

Family traditions – the chocolate cake my Mom began making when I was 13… with my own dark chocolate spin of course.

This was my first “kid party”.  I just didn’t want it to be a dud and truth be told, I got a little intimidated by some of the Lego parties I saw on Pinterest. 

Stylin’ Momma’s hugh?!

Aidan went on and on… said it was the BEST party EVER!
I sobbed like a baby when I tucked him in that night.
How in the world has seven years gone by?

The most beautiful, painful thing in the world.

I love you so much Aidan.
Words are a failure.


  1. DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family

    My heart is now on the moon!
    Happy Birthday, Aidan! Not every seven year old can say that they actual hugged such history.
    Well done, Mom and Dad! I am just blown away with delight that you shared this!

  2. Chris

    So touching! I love parents or grandparents who listen and then go the extra mile, or 238,857, to bring a life- changing experience to their kids. Stunning!
    xoxo and Happy Birthday to Aidan!

  3. The Magical Christmas Wreath Company

    What an incredible surprise.

    Girl, if thats what you pull outta the bag, I’ll be requesting your gift idea services in the future for sho’ 🙂


  4. Amber

    You are an awesome Mama! Aidan looked soooo happy. 🙂

  5. Mary Beth

    Tell Aidan Happy Birthday and also tell him that I’m green with envy that he got to meet one of my personal heroes. How exciting! Thank you Angela for sharing your family with all of us!

  6. Lisa DeNunzio, La Dolce Villa

    What a great story Aidan will have to pass on his children (not just yet, of course). You have done a wonderful job of making history come alive for your child. Happy Birthday Aidan and congrats Angela.

  7. à la parisienne

    Bon anniversaire, Aidan!

    Wow, seven years old already??? I think he was four years old when I started following your blog!! Okay, Time, you need to stop right this second!

    I love the fact that Aidan’s hero is a man of hard work and integrity. I’m sure that this experience will live on Aidan’s memory for the rest of his life–what a perfect birthday gift!


  8. A Cottage Muse

    What a wonderful memory!
    Hold tight…they grow so fast, mine just graduated!

  9. Corrina

    Hi Angela, how sweet and how gorgeous all your children are! My twins turned 20 on the 11th of June (yesterday here in Australia) and I just can’t believe I have two 20 yr olds! Time just flies and I know more than ever to enjoy every moment and relish those beautiful little ones I have before they turn 20 on me! I have Ruby who is 8 and Curtis who is 5 and I suck in every snuggle, kiss and giggle. xxCorrina.

  10. Kate

    So, so cool! My husband will be jealous!


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