House Hunters International???

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Please excuse me while I take a moment to be completely uncharitable….

Something Joel and I enjoy doing is sitting at our kitchen counter at the end of a long day (one of the two nights a week he is home) and watching an episode or two of “House Hunters International” on

Can I just ask a question?

Why is it that nine times out of ten those people are the biggest dorks?

I mean really.

And WHY do they have SO MUCH money????

Or are we the only family that can’t afford a budget of “five hundred thousand U.S. dollars”?  I mean what’s with the Italian “kid” finally leaving Mommy and Daddy’s and being able to spend a half a million dollars?  That is just wrong.

OK, you got me.  That’s three questions I know but what is wrong with these people?  They are just plain weird.  So, I have some pointers if you are considering starring in an episode of “House Hunters International”-

1.  Don’t be such a fricken’ princess.  That’s right.  Don’t tell the producer that you luuuuuuuve “the rustic charm of the old world” and then complain when your could-be kitchen is smaller than your coat closet back home.  Don’t act shocked when the W.C. is down the hall and separate from the bath and don’t whine when the bath only has a dorm room sized shower.  YOU’RE NOT IN KANSAS ANYMORE!

2.  Get a Thesaurus.  Come on.  Please, please, please refrain from using the following words in every room of every property you visit, “charming”  “quaint” and for my husbands sake… stop saying “en suite” when referring to a bathroom attached to a bedroom.  I think his head might explode.  Try mixing it up a little by saying, “master bath” “jack and jill”  “Oh look, this one has a bathroom!”  Like I said, get a Thesaurus, there’s an APP for that!

3.  Act natural.  Do whatever it takes.  Wine, Zanex, Valium… Yesterday we watched one with a “fitness couple” buying a second home in Figi and girlfriend had to hold her hands on her hips the entire time to show off her biceps and perfectly groomed physique.  Irritating.

4.  Stop complaining.  Momma’s boy, Mr. Italian, all he did was complain about having enough balcony space for his damn cats.  Really?  You get to spend a half a million and you are worried that M. Puss isn’t going to have enough room to enjoy his views of Roma???  And the Tango lady in Argentina… if she whined one more time about the kitchen being unacceptable.  Ok, maybe I was just jealous of her cause hubby is not so into Tango anymore.  Humpf.

5.  FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY… Buy the good one.  How many times do I have to scream, “Oh Nooooooooo!” when they finally reveal the choice of the couple.  The fitness couple passed on the Figian paradise with the outdoor bath and tons of salvaged, historical Javanese wood… I wanted to strangle them.

6.  Please hire a decorator… and by that I mean, ME.  The couple that bought the Pied-a-Terre in Paris… did you see that thing when they were done?  Oh my goodness… that is SO NOT WHAT YOU DO WITH A PIED-A-TERRE… I mean, why not contact “Joe Blow New Construction” back home if you wanted something to look like a spec home.  Gag-o-rama.

Ok, I’ll stop.  You get my drift.  To see what I am talking about visit Hulu to watch House Hunters International.  Watch Paris, St. Thomas, Rome, Figi, Bali, South of France, Bueones Aries and check out that turquoise chandie if you watch the Sweden episode.  I would kill for that thing.

Here is an episode (The Pied-a-Terre one) if you want a taste and I just have to know… am I a jerk or have you found yourself equally as irritated???


  1. Tina

    I have to say that I completely agree! Who are these people and how do they have that much money??? Or, is this from back in the day when it was easy to become mortgaged to the hilt because one had a promising career before the economy hit the tank?

    Sitting in my rental that I pay way too much for and have no way to save b/c I prefer to pay for the safety of myself and kids than living in a ghetto, I get so irritated by the excess and what these people feel they need. Just stop, is what I would like to say, and look at the blessing of being able to actually have that much money in the first place to be buying something that most of us wouldn’t be able to afford in a lifetime!

  2. Privet and Holly

    I have the same
    thoughts when I
    watch HH Int’l!
    How about the pig
    farmers from Minnesota
    that had to buy a
    place in Costa Rica
    for stress reduction
    and to “get away from
    it all???” Couldn’t
    they have just purchased
    a cabin or lake home
    in Wisconsin for that
    kind of dinero???
    WHERE do they find these
    Okay, I feel better, now : )
    Thanks for listening!
    xx Suzanne

  3. Mel

    Not only are we political soul sisters you can shred perectly decent people into pieces with me … I get it, i totally get it… I cant wait to meet you for a glass of wine and a good giggle, after we repent. xo Ang… mon amis.

  4. BonjourRomance

    Bonjour Angela,

    Oh I had to lagh out loud on this one. If you want to hear a good joke, HHI actually contacted us to see if they could “accompany” us through a house hunting adventure! Had no idea where they got my email – except via the blog (guess they figured I was an expat). No thank you – didn’t even return the three emails! I guess that was rude.

    We are WAY too private to share all our business like that – goodness I even call my self Mimi Bleu!! And btw you may find it interesting to know – they do offer ‘compensation’.

    I’m sure parts are probably scripted like all the so-called reality shows…

    Bon week-end my friend!

  5. Stephanie

    I’m giggling as I read this. I get it. I don’t care for the tropical places where these people need a vacation home to get away from it all. It just doesn’t appeal to me. I get excited when there’s a Paris or Italy show but sometimes it’s a let down when they whine about the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve seen the Paris episode you refer to and agree, it all just looked too new when they were finished. When I buy my own place in France one day :), I promise you will be my decorator of choice!

    What really gets under my skin though is the regular old House Hunters and the young couples who basically want their first home to be a mansion and complain about a closet the size of my bedroom being too small, or a bathroom not having double sinks, because God forbid, you have to share a sink! It literally gags me because these shows usually focus on the McMansions.

  6. Tami

    OMG! My thoughts EXACTLY! I am so sick of the real estate shows anyway. Since when did we Americans get so desensitized to homes prices, that $500k sounds ‘reasonable’?
    My sister is a real estate agent in Ohio…a pretty good one in fact. But it’s getting so – she prefers to ‘list’ rather than ‘sell’. She says that if she has to listen to one more buyer complain about the wall colors in a property she’ll scream! Can you imagine? Someone actually turned down a great house, great neighborhood, at a great price because they didn’t like the colors! Talk about spoiled adults…jeesh!
    🙂 **Tami

  7. Gracie's Cottage

    Great post…my thoughts exACTly! HHI is fun to watch to see the properties but “en suite” makes my skin crawl! And it’s always about the wall color – my goodness, get yourselves a can of paint fer cryin’ out loud!!!! And yes, if you’re gonna be on camera don’t be so stilted.

    I will confess that I’m a tweensy bit jealous when I see these cabesa-de-dodos getting prime property when I, a perfectly normal sort, can’t even afford a vacation in those locations! 🙂

  8. Deb

    You are, am I am sure, considerably younger than I. Your commenters today, if they have used real pics of themselves, appear to be considerably younger than. THANK GOODNESS! Why…? Because I was beginning to think I was just getting too old to watch this show. Maybe I was jealous of my mis-spent life, settling for what we could afford; not earning millions; living on our paychecks. Hey, it’s not because I’m old that I find these people nuts-o! It’s because they ARE nuts-o! Second homes in foreign countries to “get away from it all.” *rap, if I had that much cash, what am I getting away from??? Talk about out of touch with the real working American! Excuse me, now, while I go upstairs and clean the en suite…er, potty.

  9. Mrs. B.

    I totally know the Italian “kid” episode and I STILL think about the fitness couple passing up that amazing home in Fiji(we watched that episode months and months ago)…
    I think you’re right on. I need to check out that Sweden episode.

  10. Pamela

    My husband and I always watch this show. He loves it but ONLY because he gets to see other beautiful places in the world like France or Turkey. He goes crazy just you over all these people. I was laughing reading your post because you sounded so much like him. We never like what people go with.
    And where the heck do they get all this money?!

  11. Anne - Fiona and Twig

    You crack me up!

    I actually get more irritated with the folks on the regular HH. They all want the same things…granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors. Now I’m on board with the hardwood floors, but you can keep your granite and stainless steel.

    There’s just a sense of entitlement from these HH that grates on me. That, and the ones who are overly conscious of it being their 15 minutes of fame.

    Great post!

  12. DustyLu

    OHGOsh you are too funny, and hit the hammer on the nail! Less is more is our belief in our household, and if we don’t use it, it goes to someone who does! I think everyone should learn at one point the value of a dollar. We are a spoiled society! I love this post! Have a wonderful day!~ lulu

  13. Alice

    I don’t watch HHI much. Never could figure out how people could keep two houses going while I can barely manage to keep one clean and in halfway good working order. Oh wait, they probably hire a maid and have all the work done for them. Like someone else mentioned, I can’t even afford to visit these places let alone have a second home there!

    Recently we watched Property Virgins where a young couple-early 20’s, not yet married wanting to buy a home. They were loaded with money and wanted thier first home to be loaded too, complete with a pool and extra large kitchen. They were so spoiled it was pathetic. If they would have seen our first apartment they would have fainted from the fright of it all. Orange carpet in the kitchen, a vintage stove that shocked me every time I opened the oven door, a tub that leaked out onto the floor–oh, and no pool. My hubby and I sat slack-jawed at their niave, spoiled behavior. It sickened me.

    Oh, and that Paris apartment, I would not have decorated it that way either–bleh! I’m with ‘ya sistah! Oh, and I disliked how they talked to each other rather than the camera.

  14. annie

    OOOHHHLA la!!!!
    The money that flies!
    I didn’t find this couple as irritating as most–they at least had a vision.
    I want to reach in the screen and strangle those people who comment/dislike, wall color, bed linens, furniture, etc. It’s the STRUCTURE, people, THE STRUCTURE!!!!!
    I watched a woman the other day and her thing was turning on the faucet in every kitchen to make sure it worked—really didn’t check anything else, just the faucet—-DUH?????
    I’ve revamped my thinking—–as long as you make it look good, maybe noone will notice that the roof needs repair or that the water heater is old, or the septic is ready to fail—-THOSE are the things I find more important….
    to each his/her own…..

  15. Deanna

    I’ve never watched this program before and so I watched it here on your sight.

    I’m very midwestern american and I cringed at the prices these places were being marketed at in Paris…ouch!

    Stupid Americannnnns?

    I’ll have to tune in again soon. here i come.

    God bless and I like your place far better than anything I saw in Paris,

  16. poppies

    This is SO funny!!! My boyfriend and I tape this show and watch it intermittently and we make the same comments!!! The people make us crazy!!! My question to him every episode, “This is a vacation home, right??” Why do they go on and on about how small the closet it when it’s only a vacation home?? And why does the kitchen have to be huge and perfect??? Ugh. Please. How fun would it be for you and all of us commenters to watch an episode together?!

  17. Kasey

    that is because these people get comp’d for it.
    Just like on a show like The Bachelor…the girls are not all there to really fall in love.
    It’s television….
    not reality at all…

  18. the VG huis

    hahhah I think I peed my pants when I read this post!!! I totally agree with everything you said! Too funny. Stacey

  19. Musings From A French Cottage

    Girl, you crack me up!! I’m giggling as I read this post and I agree with you completely. I can’t stand the “en suite” thing either. Half the time, I wonder if these people even knew what “en suite” was before they went on the show. You know what else bugs me? These couples who are retired and have no children whatsoever but they need a HUGE home in the tropics and it absolutely MUST have 7 bedrooms and just as many bathrooms – oh and there just has to be a studio for her dance lessons. Can’t you just use one of the extra bedrooms? I mean, come on people!! Too funny.


  20. Kalee

    Oh my God. We just watched that, and all I could say was thank God they didn’t buy the expensive last one! I was worried when the guy said the room was big enough to make a lot of changes. I loved the open room! Off to watch more of this crazy show.

  21. Gwynie Pie

    Oh Farmgirl, they make me plum nuts!!! The “afters” are soooo not better than it was before. And I too am totally baffled at where the $$$ comes from. Really….what DO these people do???

    I love it when you speak your mind 🙂

    Gwyn Rosser @ The Pink Tractor

  22. The Norwegian

    Oh I have missed you. You are so funny! Love to watch HHInternational. Took a minute to watch the Paris episode. You are right of course. And YOU could have done wonders with the place.
    What I love about your rooms is the evident intellect applied. Sure would love to sit down and chat with you some day.

  23. Sandra

    I’ve never seen this show but the few shows I have seen must have the same requirements because all the people are eejits with way too much money. What’s worse is they are too stupid to know how embarrassing they appear to normal people.
    As to the bathroom being “too small”, they don’t have to walk 200 yards to get there, do they?
    My comment to such eejits: grow up or get your tubes tied, preferably both.

  24. Lisa @ Another Day Today

    I’m totally in agreement! Are all of these people drug lords? I can’t even begin to imagine what they do to have that kind of money.

    The pied-a-terre was horrible. It’s funny, I saw that episode a month or so ago and I thought of you!

    Sadly, the stateside version of HH isn’t much better. What’s with a couple in their early twenties with no children looking at 4,000 square foot homes with five bedrooms, acres of granite and stainless everything? Are “starter homes” a thing of the past? Spoiled much?


  25. Laura Ingalls Gunn

    I don’t watch much HGTV because as a designer I am horrified by some of the designs that I see. But my interest in now piqued.

    I must say that I would be happy with a dark closet if it meant I could live in France.

  26. Anne Marie

    they weren’t sooo bad…however…that style just isn’t mine anyhow! when I spent the night at my mom’s last night- I watched HHintl. and it was so cool – this couple bought a total fixer upper on the hills of Italy – totally the most run-down of the 3, but my choice as well…..

  27. Soro

    HI, I found your site by typing in “when did everyone start saying ensuite”

    Thank your husband for me, my skin crawls too. It is so pretentious. The rent episode Im watching right now “Lindsay and Ryan’s high rise hunt” the guy said he wanted an en suite washier and dryer. Ughhhhhh.
    This season every one is acting snobby and pretentious and as if they are decorators, “The wall needs texture” huh? oh the bathroom is so small, oh the kitchen is terrible no stainless steel, never mind everything updated.
    As you said where is everyone getting the money, for what ever from the renovtions, to buy land overseas, to paying 4,000 a month for a rental.
    Ive started tuning out the people and just trying to guess which property they will take. Thanks for reading. Take care, I have to go to my en suite bedroom.

  28. jim

    I’m so glad you posted this about househunters. It drives me crazy when you see these young couples in their early or mid 20’s with so much money. You know it’s mommy and daddys money when they are vague about what they do for work . A quick look at the numbers reveals all! for a 555k house , mortgage and upkeep around 4000 per month.. (lowball) , to be in a normal budget.. they need to be pulling in around 200k per year.. and have a 50,000 down payment.. IN THEIR EARLY to mid 20’s? RIGHT.. no school loans.. ? ? they got 100k a year jobs right away and started saving everything? to acquire that job experience and ability to have that much wealth for a normal person takes at least 10 or 15 years of working in a good career. the numbers dont add up..The show should be changed to Spoiled_rich_brats_wanna_buy_another_house – or trustfund kids on another shopping spree.

  29. HairFairy

    I am so glad i’m not the only one with these ideas about the “house hunters”..they seem to be so full of expendible income, and yet many times, they’re wearing VERY sad looking clothing, bad hair, etc..I always think surely they should look more successful, if they can afford $400,000 and up for a home(or second home)lol I think i’d fix up, if i was going to be on national television! And yes, WHAT am i doing wrong? Working my tail off, and cannot imagine having all that ‘extra’ money!

  30. Jenifer

    Funny post! I tape all the shows because I like to see what real estate around the world looks like and dream of being an expat for awhile. The show seems so scripted though. After they choose a house, they always hug. Everyone says it “ticks all the boxes.” What normal person says that??? My husband and I always laugh because the house I choose is always the one they eliminate first.

  31. Bruce R Bartlett

    Totally agree with your husband. Saying “en Suite” is just frick’n lame and pretentious. We’ve had master baths for 150 years. Why did we all of a sudden need to go French?

  32. Bruce R Bartlett

    Totally agree with your husband. Saying “en Suite” is just frick’n lame and pretentious. We’ve had master baths for 150 years. Why did we all of a sudden need to go French?


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