Hot Enough for you Mandi?

Jun 27, 2006 | Pop Culture/Politics, Simply Ang | 9 comments


  1. cityfarmer

    Hot enough for me though, forget Amanda

  2. cityfarmer

    Do you know the last names???

  3. Amanda

    This is just a SIN! I can’t look at this! AHAHAH!!! Good thing I’m so in love with my hubby, because it takes a MAJOR HOT ONE to even get a little bit enough of my attention!

  4. Amanda

    Okay I’m back…..I’m back already. He’s just a hot one. Seriously, not only have I totally lost my libido after my little Cameron, but I NEVER turn a head anymore. But, I’m back on this page…wow, what a knocker! Are you kiddin ME MARTHA?

  5. Amanda

    Oh, by the way, Kevin and I talked about going to the Shedd Aquarium for the day sometime this summer. Maybe you guys could meet us somewhere for lunch or something? You could come with us too, up to you!

  6. julee


  7. Parisienne Farmgirl

    Good gried, this is the most attention I have gotten since “Ritronarmne” !!! If I had know that all it would take to get so many comments was a photo of Beckham with his shirt off I might have posted it a long time ago!!!

  8. cityfarmer

    I’m back, too…AAAHHHHHH!.
    Wish I could comment anonymously.


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