In certain blog entries I have expressed my interest in the Christian church and it’s decline and/or growth in France – I have also expressed my concern about the predicted “Eurabia” that seems looming on the horizon if France (and the rest Europe) does not return to marriage and the family soon. Many experts predict that in 50 years France will be at great risk of loosing it’s culture. (Read: become a Mulsim nation)

I was told that the birth rate in France was up last year – it was not made clear to me whether that was due to native French pro-creation or due to the surge of Muslim (read: pro-creating) immigrents – native and illegal. At this point though I hear France (and by “France” I mean the France that we all know and love) is not producing enough children to maintain it’s culture (The U.S. is following closely in that direction by the way.)

I found the following article very interesting – my friend Celine is coming back for a visit (she moved back to France last year) and I plan to have lunch with her the following week. I look forward to picking her brain on this subject in the meantime, enjoy this BRIEF article – if you click on it it will take you to the website where I found it and you can read the very interesting corresponding comments.

Muslims are converting to Christianity in their thousands in France but face exclusion from their families and even death threats.
Most Muslims hide their conversion and Protestant ministers do their utmost to protect new converts. It is estimated that every year in the world some six million Muslims convert to Christianity.

The Muezzin call to prayer. But here in France it is no longer reaching all Muslim ears.

Around 15,000 Muslims each year are converting to Christianity – around 10,000 to Catholicism and 5,000 to Protestantism….

Many Muslims in France hide their conversion but the trend is continuing. World wide around six million Muslims a year convert to Christianity.

I found this too! Living in France?
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