“I’ve got two daughters, 9 years old and 6 years old.  If they make a mistake I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

-Barack Obama

Feeling the hope?  Neither are the babies at risk in the womb all across America.

Funny, how many of us have friends and family that could have been considered “punishment”?  I’ve got a few and they have names and life stories and their deliveries and births did not destroy the lives of their birth mothers…

Praise God that there was more going on in Washington this week.  Today was the annual March for Life.  The press won’t fawn over the marchers.  Hollywood won’t be there to bestow their blessings.  Now one will care what they are “wearing”. Just thousands of people (100,000), young and old that want to remind us that real hope and change begins when we all remember that we are ALL former embryos!

In the name of Hope and Change, Our President has promised that one of his first acts will be the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) Partial Birth Abortion will be legalized, parental notification will be obliterated, Religious hospitals will face the consequences of not getting on board with Hope and Change!  How inspiring.
48 Million people weren’t able to celebrate history the other day.  48 Million snatched from the womb since Roe VS Wade but that’s not enough for our President.  He wants it to be even easier to destroy life.  So much for hope.

I know everyone hates it when I blog about this.  It’s not fun.  It’s not about Design or Food, it’s not about Paris or Gardening.  This is what no one wants to talk about.  Check out the trailer for this new movie…talk about a story no one wants to talk about.  
But I appreciate you reading and pausing just for a second to consider