Hope and Change?

Jan 22, 2009 | Abortion-Sacred Life, Pop Culture/Politics | 17 comments

“I’ve got two daughters, 9 years old and 6 years old.  If they make a mistake I don’t want them punished with a baby.”

-Barack Obama

Feeling the hope?  Neither are the babies at risk in the womb all across America.

Funny, how many of us have friends and family that could have been considered “punishment”?  I’ve got a few and they have names and life stories and their deliveries and births did not destroy the lives of their birth mothers…

Praise God that there was more going on in Washington this week.  Today was the annual March for Life.  The press won’t fawn over the marchers.  Hollywood won’t be there to bestow their blessings.  Now one will care what they are “wearing”. Just thousands of people (100,000), young and old that want to remind us that real hope and change begins when we all remember that we are ALL former embryos!

In the name of Hope and Change, Our President has promised that one of his first acts will be the “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA) Partial Birth Abortion will be legalized, parental notification will be obliterated, Religious hospitals will face the consequences of not getting on board with Hope and Change!  How inspiring.
48 Million people weren’t able to celebrate history the other day.  48 Million snatched from the womb since Roe VS Wade but that’s not enough for our President.  He wants it to be even easier to destroy life.  So much for hope.

I know everyone hates it when I blog about this.  It’s not fun.  It’s not about Design or Food, it’s not about Paris or Gardening.  This is what no one wants to talk about.  Check out the trailer for this new movie…talk about a story no one wants to talk about.  
But I appreciate you reading and pausing just for a second to consider 


  1. Musings From A French Cottage

    I just found your blog and I want you to know that if you were right here with me I would HUG you for posting this!!! I agree with you 100 percent and I cry over this issue. I will continue to pray for this country and for this new president because I think that at this point a little Divine intervention is what we’re going to need to bring about any real change. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing up for the tiniest of us!

    Great Big Hugs!

  2. Lady Laura

    You’re right, not being a Obama supporter is not a popular position in which to be.

    I just recently watched that celebrity studded video by Katalyst (who & what are they anyway?) with all those celebrities “pledging” their support to Obama by doing this and that (smiling & learning their neighbors names!). Where was their support for Bush? Where was their resolve for all this public service just one short month ago?

    It’s all very glitter-y right now and it’s easy to get swept up in it all. But I just remind myself that not everything that glitters is gold. It also causes me to think of that MAC/PC commerical where the PC guy says that Microsoft can’t fix Vista problems so they just created an ad-campaign so people would think it was cool. I just saw a commerical yesterday by an agency promoting the safety of high-fructose corn syrup.

    I guess if you set it to music and make it pretty enough and have the right celebrities endorse it, you can make just about anything palatable!!

  3. SK and Family

    Hey, I want to talk about it! I am so frustrated with the people who complain about the American lives lost at war, but ignore the lives lost to abortion.

    It is truly sickening. When Obama won, I sent out an e-mail to my friends and family that we are now, more than ever, going to have to personally advocate for unborn babies.

  4. Debbie in CA : )

    I weep as out nation constructs pyramids from slave labor (our unborn sacrificed to selfishness). Will our nation’s lasting legacy be death and tombs? I fear it must be as we now destroy the unbon to improve our own health options. Disgusting!

    I find my refuge in the Lord and the HOPE that He alone can deliver. As a mom of 5, some handicapped (one now with Jesus), I strive to provide refuge and hope for them in a society that deems them a burden. Did I mention I had two “unexpected” pregnancies as well? I am SO POLITICALLY INCORRECT and Joyful every day.

    I am on my knees, but not silent, about the tragedy our nation chooses to label “Choice.”

    my word verification “SHUNN” seems appropriate, don’t you think?

  5. cottage remnant

    I do not hate when you post the TRUTH…keep posting…
    I am not an American, but I am her neighbour. Yes the world saw history being made, but was it for the better? I do not know.

    Keep posting girl, keep posting.

  6. Rosie's Whimsy

    I am so glad you found my blog so I could find you right back!! I’ve only read a couple of your posts so far but I think you are my new best friend!

    Have the best of weekends!

    ps ….catch my post tomorrow for a totally cute bag all us farm girls should adore. It was a hoot….wait for it, wait for it…..

  7. Faith

    I’m with you.Gag me with all the Obama Drama. I’m so sick of it. All the celebrities praising him. It is very unpopular to not support him but whatever, I don’t need to be popular and I’m not going to go against everything I believe to get along with everyone on the Obama issue. Yes, he’s the president. Fine. But I will not support his Liberal, unGodly decisions and I am so sick of hearing how wonderful he is. I am ashamed to be under the leadership of someone that supports the things that he does.

  8. Carolyne

    Great post! The 22 Weeks trailer on youtube.com is quite effective.
    Blessings to you! Carolyne
    P.S. Congratulations on the wonderful chicken stock!

  9. Belle

    Thanks so much for writing this.

    Isn’t it ironic that Obama wants to allow as many abortion murders as possible
    (all the while lying through his teeth previously when he said he wants there to be as few abortions as possible),
    but we don’t dare frighten a terrorist who wants to kill us!

    Obama is worshiped as Hitler was worshipped…& as a movie star. Because he’s liberal & handsome. But fellow Americans, please remember that Obama is only ONE person.
    Even though he signs executive orders that show his liberal bias
    (& he’s always saying how we should unite together. Puh-leese. His idea of uniting is to agree with him.),
    there are Congressmen & Senators who are in place to reverse things. Sometimes it’s possible.

  10. Belle

    Another sentence to add to the last paragraph:

    Obama is not the government. He’s only a part.

    (although by how he’s pur on a pedestal by the media, liberals & Hollywood, you’d think Obama could turn back a hurricane & hold off a plane from flying)

  11. unique unique design

    “Punished with a baby!”….how about “punishing the baby” for their mistake. How sad! Thank you for posting the truth.

  12. Anne Marie

    THANKS FOR BEING HONEST…more people need to speak out about this diplorable immoral issue.
    Peace and blessings!

  13. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    Great posting! PREACH IT PARISIENNE! (How did I miss this posting before?!) Anyway, I feel the same way as you on this and have served in the past eight years or so on our local right to life board and am in the army of those who feel the right to life is in the constitution…and thanks for standing up for those whose cries cannot be heard in the womb! We shall fight on!

  14. Anonymous

    Is this ever refreshing. Thank you. I have lowered my flag to half-staff, where it will remain until murder of the unborn is no longer legal in this country. I loathe Obama and his ilk.


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