So her birthday is in January…
I thought I would share with you Juliette’s Two Year Portraits…

I am not much for mall studios… 
Too much work.
The coloring here is a little off – there was light from all directions and I just couldn’t nail it.  ‘Have to run these thru photoshop someday…

My baby girl, you are so precious.

I cry when I think of my grand-daughter in this dress I will have had made so many years ago for my sweet, feisty, hilarious Hoolie.
Momma loves you Juliette Élisabeth.

Are we done yet Momma???

I couldn’t resist sharing her with you.  She is a delight of a little girl – even if she is in a “loud” stage right now!  Sharp as a tack, sweet, feminine and jazzed at just about everything.  Watching her run to keep up with the big two is hysterical.  Those icy-blues about melt me too.

“I can just see you,
with a baby on the way.
I can just see you,
When my hair is old and gray,
What I can’t see is how I’m ever gonna love you more…
But I’ve said that before…”

“Then” by Brad Paisley.
Words tweaked for her nightly lullaby.