Hoolie at Two

Apr 5, 2012 | On Motherhood | 22 comments

So her birthday is in January…
I thought I would share with you Juliette’s Two Year Portraits…

I am not much for mall studios… 
Too much work.
The coloring here is a little off – there was light from all directions and I just couldn’t nail it.  ‘Have to run these thru photoshop someday…

My baby girl, you are so precious.

I cry when I think of my grand-daughter in this dress I will have had made so many years ago for my sweet, feisty, hilarious Hoolie.
Momma loves you Juliette Élisabeth.

Are we done yet Momma???

I couldn’t resist sharing her with you.  She is a delight of a little girl – even if she is in a “loud” stage right now!  Sharp as a tack, sweet, feminine and jazzed at just about everything.  Watching her run to keep up with the big two is hysterical.  Those icy-blues about melt me too.

“I can just see you,
with a baby on the way.
I can just see you,
When my hair is old and gray,
What I can’t see is how I’m ever gonna love you more…
But I’ve said that before…”

“Then” by Brad Paisley.
Words tweaked for her nightly lullaby.


  1. Adriana @ Classical Quest

    Melts your heart doesn’t it?

    The “Are we done yet.” pic is my fav.
    so real. What a little lady!

    I was pregnant when my son turned 2 last year. When he came to the top of the stairs on his birthday morning he looked like such a little man and my heart was so filled with joy, I literally swooned right down to the floor! My oldest son helped me up and I was fine after that but oh my — our little people are charming aren’t they!

  2. Shingle Cottage

    Oh Angela she is beautiful and adorable…love her dress and her little hands under her chin,what a sweet heart x

  3. Valerie


  4. Lisa@Pickles and Cheese

    She’s just beautiful. Adorable in each photo. You captured a lot of personality in those shots! Thanks for the smile today.

  5. miss flibbertigibbet

    She is just darling Angela! And the dress is gorgeous! I LOVE the pic of her little feet in those blue shoes!
    And congrats on the birth of PM!! YAY!!

  6. Chris

    No other photos could ever be more precious and beautiful than these. Absolutely adorable! Her dress? To die for!

    Re: last post of the Launch Party!!! The wine crate…the coup de grace!
    You are one lucky girl!
    xoxo, Chris

  7. helen tilston

    She is a beautiful child. May God bless her.

    The dress colour flatters her beautiful eyes.

    Thanks for sharing


  8. Theanne

    she’s adorable!

  9. Martha

    So precious! I am going to get my first grandbaby girl in June! Can not wait! I want one just like Hoolie! Oh, so cute! I showed my daughter-in-law your blog, she spent and hour looking at your blog getting tips on how to be a good momma like you. Just thought I would let you know. Enjoy every minute they grow up so fast!

  10. à la parisienne

    And what beautiful icy blues she has! I love her little hands clasped together-so sweet. I am quite impressed that you got a two year old to sit still long enough for a couple of posed shots. Way to go Hoolie!

    Such a beauty.


  11. janet

    What a sweet little girl you have..

  12. Ivy Clad

    What a doll baby! She looks so precious in her beautiful dress. I have a 2yo too, who is momentarily… uh… keeping me on my knees, shall we say. I’m trying to stay focused on the “preciousness” of this time in my life and hers, but its very difficult.

    Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!


  13. Karina Russell

    These are just precious pictures of her and the dress is beautiful.

  14. Julie

    Such a sweet face. Love the twinkle in her eyes.

  15. savvycityfarmer

    she make this whole family so complete .. yes, melting is the right word.

    another camera lover, too!!


  16. It's me

    How sweeeeeet !!…..happy easter weekend darling…love from me…xxx…

  17. cestMoi Sandy

    I am not a “studio” Mall photo momma myself…
    About 12 years ago when I took my oldest for photo’s I was surprised that they showed me only a few…
    I asked you had so many where are the others?
    The photographer said well, they had tears… sad face, runny noses, no smiles… Guess what?! These are exactly the photo’s I bought.
    Those were my baby!

    I love all the photo’s you took of your little one, Even the one that show’s just her shoe. It is all in the details.
    These are the moments to hug and cherish. And make me shine inside!

    Thanks Angela for sharing your “moments” with us.

    Have a wonderful Easter. He Has Risen!


    I need to go finish your magazine now. I SUBSCRIBED AND LOVE IT!

  18. Stephanie

    These photos are way better than mall photos!!! She’s charming. Her personality as you describe, shows through the photos.

  19. Dawn

    Love the dress and the shoes. My girls ALWAYS had these shoes and I even had my little boys wear them.
    So timeless.
    Now my grandkids are another thing altogether!
    Made the smocked frocks and bonnets for them and their mamas never put them on them.
    Does my heart good to see another Diana/classic clothing lover!
    Enjoy your day tomorrow!
    D xo

  20. A Cottage Muse

    Wish I did photos like these instead of the mall ones!
    She is so precious!

  21. Aggi

    So cute this ilttle girl, i don’t know why but she is my favourite girl ever. So natural and these funny eyes.
    Congratulations for lucky mummy and daddy too (to not forget about him) 🙂


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