HOMESCHOOL Mom MAKEUP for Fall | STAY at HOME Mom Makeup Tutorial | Fall Mom Makeup 2019

Sep 19, 2019 | The Parisienne Farmhouse | 5 comments

Well, as mentioned in the previous post… sometimes you’re just ready for a CHANGE!  How about some Homeschool Mom Makeup for Fall?

HOMESCHOOL Mom MAKEUP for Fall | STAY at HOME Mom Makeup Tutorial | Fall Mom Makeup 2019

I WILL tell you that I made my Medi-Spa appointment for October and I’m going to have that nasty acne scar looked at, I’ve been back at my workouts, wading in at four miles a day AND I’m down about three pounds of the eighteen I’ve set out to shed (simply so I can wear all my favorite clothes I’ve diligently invested in over the last few years!).  I guess the truth is I never really lost ALLLLLLLL the baby weight from number six, three years ago.

(le sigh)

And now, the makeup.   Every fall and spring I buy myself a new stash of makeup.  Staying out of a makeup rut is a VERY easy fix to keeping your look fresh and exciting.

This fall, I’m actually dialing BACK my daily look just a little, I’ve got a Freshman, I’m teaching another human being to read let alone, Keats, DaVinci, French and how to tell the weather without looking at a dang phone (seriously folks, count the cricket chirps, it CAN be done!).   To accommodate these VERY intense mornings we have, I thought I better set aside the faux lashes Monday thru Friday, take a little less fun time with eyeshadow and have a homeschool mom look that actually works with my schedule, instead of causing me stress.   I had SO MUCH fun working this look out!  It’s a big change from faux lashes and red lips but it’s going to be perfect for these homebound Momma this fall.  Not to mention all doTERRA’s new skincare products this year are working daily miracles on this mess!

For your homeschool stay at home mom makeup tutorial you’ve GOT to watch this quick video!   Not to mention Anaïs, she’s just stupid cute!

Just me.

My kids.

A classroom.

My essential oils. 

And my makeup bag.

Ok, some red wine too:)  Let’s keep it real, you just saw me without my makeup after all.

HOMESCHOOL Mom MAKEUP for Fall | STAY at HOME Mom Makeup Tutorial | Fall Mom Makeup 2019



  1. Dani

    Great video, Angela. You look stunning. Can you tell us please, what lipgloss/lipstick you wear in the video? Thank you!!

  2. R

    I’m dying to hear more about these crickets. Sounds fascinating!

  3. Marta Martin

    Thank you for the tutorial! Happy to hear that TARTE is a good for you brand!

  4. Callie

    HOW do you keep your teeth so WHITE?

  5. PegE

    yes Angela! I love the red lips! trying to find my perfect shade of red!


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