The Birth Story Part II – My Home Birth Hospital Transfer

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Home Birth - Hospital Transfer and how I recovered naturally from Anemia

If you haven’t read it, you HAVE to read Part One first so go do that and then come back if you need to!

I left the story hanging… I left you all with me snuggling with my sweet baby but then I looked in the mirror over to the side of the bed. Ugh… that doesn’t look too good,  I thought to myself as I looked at the clammy colour of my face.

I told my nurse I was headed to the bathroom and that I wasn’t doing good. I’ll spare you the details, but there was… a lot.  Like… a lot. I was sitting there and my nurse gave me a jab of Pitocin in one leg and minutes later my midwife gave me another in the other leg… but I was fading fast. My midwife was sitting with me, Deb, Deb, Deb… I don’t feel good. I’m fading. It’s getting grey on the edges… and a loud sound, sandpaper-like ringing in my ears…

And then I woke up on the floor of my bathroom with my legs being held in the air by my midwife and my husband giving our address to the 911 operator.

Oh crap! I thought.

They were shooting questions at me… I answered each one, I was trying to be a good girl, I did NOT want to go to the hospital, I begged them not to make me go to the hospital, I was trying as much mind over matter as possible. The thought of leaving my children by ambulance made me want to sob.

We live 2 minutes from the ambulance station and within seconds I heard the sirens approaching.


Three, linebacker-sized paramedics came up my little, tiny, wooden stairway. As I heard them coming up, I begged to shimmy a nightgown on. (By this time my midwife and hubby had carried me into the hallway).

They were very nice and I tried to cooperate as best I could. They gave me three chances to go from laying to sitting, to standing without fainting. Well, I failed that test. Loser 🙂

I was pretty freaked… I felt like I was having an out of body experience, I couldn’t get a handle on it. To feel that woozy and out of it was horrible. I just wanted to snuggle. But that damn ringing in my ears and the feeling that I was falling through space just kept coming back and so they strapped me to a chair and carried me down the stairs, down my pea gravel path…

I called my kids to me out there in the yard in the dark and kissed each one goodbye, assuring them to not be afraid. I was so mad, but I put on a smile to make them feel safe and to be gracious to the paramedics.

I was devastated to be apart from my new baby. I was mortified to have freaked my kids and husband out.  Not to mention my friends who were still at the house. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

But, to the hospital, I went with my hubby and baby following behind me. They got me all situated, gave me an I.V. (horribly painfully placed by the way) and I sat there all night while they watched me. I was tired. Pissed. Starving. I got more Pitocin in the I.V. That’s it. No nourishment, not electrolytes…. nada.

But they kept questioning whether I wanted to admit my son… they kept asking about my vaccines (of which I had none), was I sure I didn’t want to admit the baby? NO! Nothing is wrong with him. Am I SURE I don’t want him to get a Hep B vaccine? Good Lord woman! I wanted to scream, I’M THE PATIENT! I swear they were licking their chops for him. Then Doc said my haemoglobin was 7.3  and they watched it all night to make sure it didn’t go lower and they sent me home the next morning.

Home birth hospital transfer

Home birth hospital transfer

It was rather anti-climactic.

We took it very easy getting me home and right to resting on the couch, but the ear ringing started again and I felt like I was going to faint once more. I called my midwife. Told her about my levels… and she freaked. She was not a happy midwife. She said to go back right now and demand a blood transfusion.   (Turns out normal level is about 12 and they do transfusions between 7 and 8.) I was so flustered. Why did they let me go if I needed blood?

SO, I called the hospital and the while the doctor the previous night was respectful of our home birth the doctor on the floor when I called was horrible. Grilling me about my birth, who my backup hospital was, etc. He said I could come back to the ER, they would re-evaluate me and then determine IF I needed a blood transfusion.

Welcome Home Mom and Baby Joel Jr. We Love You

Yeah. Right.

As crappy as I felt I am way too ornery of a farm girl to check myself BACK into the hospital.

Forget it I said. I was gonna do this my way. So, I started in on some pretty raw red meat, iron supplements, kale and spinach smoothies in my NutriBullet and Cinnamon oil in my water to aid in iron absorption.

I mean, who doesn’t love a perfectly seasoned, pan-fried steak, fed to them by their sexy man right? If that’s how I had to rebuild my haemoglobin levels… aw shucks. I kept up with that for a week and though I was told it would take the better part of the month to feel normal… I pulled weeds for two hours a week later. BOOYA! I felt like superwoman. (I continued with my iron supplements for another couple weeks but I think they were giving my baby stomach problems so I recently quit.)

Home birth hospital transfer

Home birth hospital transfer

My poor two-year-old heard ambulance sirens a few weeks later and said, I hate ambulance. Poor thing.  That’s what I feel the worst about. Freaking out my family.

BUT I am grateful for the following things… clearly, God’s hand was there…

  • My midwife was on it like white on rice, she was so professional the second she saw how grey my face was turning.
  • My friends were on hand to help babysit my kids.
  • Darla had brought over a car seat for us (we didn’t have one for a newborn).  At the last minute, she threw it in her car. That wasn’t the plan. She was just going to give me a new base.
  • The fabulous bottle of Veuve Cliquot Reserve we had (years old) had gone bad or else I’d have had two glasses of champagne in my system by the time I went down.

Would I still encourage someone to have a homebirth? Absolutely.

This had nothing to do with the birth itself or being a good candidate for homebirth… my uterus simply didn’t want to cooperate that’s all.

anemia after birth Anemia after Birth

It’s been six weeks today and I’ve felt like a rock star since that one week point when I got my hands dirty in the garden. I always say it’s the pregnancy that takes me down… once that baby comes… WATCH OUT!

So…. here I go! I’m working out again, I’m shooting for a big promotion with doTERRA, I’m gonna butcher my first pigs at the end of the month… I am ready to live life to the fullest!

With my arms full of all these gorgeous children!


Thanks for Reading, Angela Parisienne Farmgirl




  1. Nita Hiltner

    I had my 2nd daughter at home and mistakenly thought I should have the baby checked at the hospital since it was just me and my hubby, no other person there. The second I went in they were having a fit that I was walking and told me I might hemmhorage. They insisted on admitting us both but there was a staph infection in the hospital, so we got put in our own room. They were constantly waking the baby for tests into the next day and until a lab assistant who looked like Cher came into the room and told us that the baby was fine, that they were taking advantage of us and to pack our things and get out. Some pediatrician we didn’t know, a butch woman bigger than my hub, tried to block us from leaving until my hubby told her if she didn’t get out of the way, he would deck her. It was such a bad experience. The baby was so exhausted, she slept for 12 hours straight.

  2. Sarah

    I will never EVER forget holding your sweet baby, maybe 2 hours old, watching those HUGE paramedics working on you (did they have to send the three biggest guys?) and praying so hard that you would be ok. I will never forget dressing your sweet baby for the first time and putting him in his car seat to follow you to the hospital. I will never forget sleeping in your bed and anticipating sweet baby girl to visit me in the middle of the night, upset that you were gone, only to have God’s hand on her and she slept all night! You are the definition of strong, my friend. So glad you are recovered, and so proud of you!

  3. Rose

    Well, being a part of this once in a lifetime experience, (it’s not everyday you get invited to watch someone birth their baby!!). All I can say is faith, strength, grace filled you, your family and your home…. God was there and he took care of you my friend…. You have a beautiful baby, gorgeous children and your are blessed beyond measure…what an experience and what a story Angela….. Love and many (((hugs)))

  4. Sherri McDermitt

    I am so glad everything turned out well! You baby is such a sweetheart and you look amazing!!

  5. Carrie Norman

    Oh my goodness!In tears reading this, I can’t imagine how horrible you felt leaving your bigger kids in an ambulance. So glad your okay!!!

  6. Mama H

    You are fortunate. I am very happy every thing turned out well for you. I can assure you that some of us must have our babies in a hospital and are very grateful for them. I only have two children and would have died having the first if it had not been for skilled physicians.

    • Jill

      I agree. All of us aren’t capable of having a home birth and I have nothing but good memories of my hospital births, probably because without the hospital, myself or my children would not have survived. I have three healthy grown children and that’s what matters in the end, no matter how they are birthed. I think it’s important to give equal respect to both sides.

    • Parisienne Farmgirl

      Mama H, Absolutely. I think perhaps you have misread if you think I’ve said that home birth is for everyone. It surely isn’t. Studies do show that it is safer than hospital birth for low risk pregnancies however, it isn’t for everyone. Most women are much more comfortable in a hospital setting. I am not. At all. Every woman needs to do what is right for her and her birthing desires. I’ve only ever written about MY birthing experiences. I’ve never implied that anyone should do it “my way” nor have I criticized their choices or (in reference to Jill’s comment) have I shown any disrespect to anyone who chooses a hospital birth.
      My biggest beef with S.O.P. hospital birth’s is their interference/intervention with what is in most cases a non-emergency, natural process. The trend of early induction, pitocin, etc. in many, many cases leads to stress on the baby and our obscenely high rate of C sections in this country. When you begin to research you discover that the U.S. is FAR behind in the labor and delivery department and in many, modern countries the safety of home birth is recognized and it is the norm. Midwives (CNMs) are as skilled as an OBGYN they simply aren’t surgeons. My midwife for example, received her education at Loyola.
      As a doula I love talking about birth with anyone but I do find it sad that when I talk home birth on my blog it’s taken as a critique of other people’s choices, when the title of the post is clearly “MY Home Birth…”

  7. kc

    Glad you are feeling so much better and that the baby is also doing well . Will please, please do a post on your garden(s) before fall sets in and no more garden. The pics you have posted so far are fab, but I need more. I love that you can wear nail polish & lipstick, nurse a baby, and still garden. Any tips and tricks for a successful garden will be greatly appreciated.

  8. Carrie

    Sometimes I feel us “natural seekers” forget that not everyone has our knowledge. The people at the hospital were just doing what they have been taught about medicine and all they know. I have doctor friends and nurses and come to understand we don’t always see eye to eye but we learn to accept each other and our preferences. I’m glad there was an ambulance available to come to your aid, just in case this had become life threatening. I would let your children know that you are sorry it scared them but everyone was just trying to be double sure that mommy was going to be just fine. I’m glad your fine and you got to have your homebirth, I hate that it didn’t end the way you wanted but at least you were able to make it back home and recover naturally.
    I’ve never delivered at home but I’m lucky enough to have a Women’s Hospital just for that, midwives can come and deliver and you are on site in case an emergency occurs. I was lucky that the doctor did not press for vaccinations in the hospital.

  9. Monica Wood

    Thank you so much for your guidance, I am 9 months pregnant and I really needed this because I want to have my firth baby with homebirth.. 

  10. Lynn

    Our neighbor and long time friend had a home birth and refused to go to the hospital after prolonged labor–until she finally pushed her uterus completely out and it was inside out! She almost totally bled out in the backseat of her mom’s Prius. She was in a coma and her family told they did not know if she would survive. She recently had her second daughter–at the hospital.


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