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Lot’s of talk around the Farmhouse this weekend.
Lot’s of talks.
Lot’s of inspiration to stop griping about the farm we don’t have and instead… “urban homestead” the SNOT out of what we do have.

Like, seriously.

No more of this, “Oh, my peas didn’t do well this year” crap.

MAAAAAAJOR garden renovations coming to an Autumn near you.  Can you say, “Daddy said I can rip up all grass!”?  


To induce said “SNOT” I am going to need a potting shed/greenhouse so I am in the midst of designing one… I thought I had it allllllllllllll figured out until I found this on Google Images.


It sort of made me want to sing, “I Come to the Garden Alone” at the top of my lungs and start looking for salvaged church doors…
I don’t think the urban homesteading revolution has ever seen anything like this little charmer!
PS:  “In the Garden” is one of my top 5 favorite hymns. 
  I am not a purist that thinks the newer praise songs are a bunch of junk.  Granted there is a bunch of bubble gum Christianity junk music out there however you just can not call the, dare I say anointed music and ministry of people like Darlene Zchech “junk” but I tell you what, the simplicity, the harmonies of the old hymns… I only wish my kids could grow up knowing the old hymns and all their parts like my Momma and her siblings did…