Holy Potting Shed Batman!!!

Aug 30, 2010 | Gardening | 17 comments

Lot’s of talk around the Farmhouse this weekend.
Lot’s of talks.
Lot’s of inspiration to stop griping about the farm we don’t have and instead… “urban homestead” the SNOT out of what we do have.

Like, seriously.

No more of this, “Oh, my peas didn’t do well this year” crap.

MAAAAAAJOR garden renovations coming to an Autumn near you.  Can you say, “Daddy said I can rip up all grass!”?  


To induce said “SNOT” I am going to need a potting shed/greenhouse so I am in the midst of designing one… I thought I had it allllllllllllll figured out until I found this on Google Images.


It sort of made me want to sing, “I Come to the Garden Alone” at the top of my lungs and start looking for salvaged church doors…
I don’t think the urban homesteading revolution has ever seen anything like this little charmer!
PS:  “In the Garden” is one of my top 5 favorite hymns. 
  I am not a purist that thinks the newer praise songs are a bunch of junk.  Granted there is a bunch of bubble gum Christianity junk music out there however you just can not call the, dare I say anointed music and ministry of people like Darlene Zchech “junk” but I tell you what, the simplicity, the harmonies of the old hymns… I only wish my kids could grow up knowing the old hymns and all their parts like my Momma and her siblings did…


  1. Pamela

    “In the Garden” was my grandma’s favourite hymn and it was beautifully played at her funeral.
    Lovely, lovely old hymn.

  2. Cathi

    I love “In The Garden” my mom would play it on the piano and we’d all sing it…just beautiful!!

    Good Luck with your Garden!!

  3. Jeff.n.Tia

    At my church all we sing is hymns! I grew up in contemporary churches (I am now 23 years old), and am now part of a Presbyterian congregation, I LOVE singing the hymns every Sunday. 🙂 Et J’adore ca terreau hangar aussi, c’est tres jolie! 🙂

  4. * French at Heart *

    ~*LOVE the shed in your pic~*~* Im also a lover of the old hymns..dont care much for the christian pop songs nowadays either~*~THanks for sharing~Rachel :)~*~

  5. Sherri

    WOW, that is some garden shed! I love that hymn! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Alice

    Potting Shed? That’s a Potting Shed? Big Sigh.

    In the Garden is one of my many traditional hymn favorites. Though there are some great contemporary hymns, I enjoy the old ones the most.

  7. Girl Meets Paris

    When I think of singing in church growing up, I can still hear the song leader… “Let’s sing the first, second, and last stanza!” Never knew what happened to the third verse… LOL.

    Love the new and the old. A mix is best! But when I hear Andy, Opie, and Aunt Bee singing “Bringing in the Sheaves”, I get chills!

  8. Deanna

    Dear One,
    Sing to your babies…they will remember.
    God bless,

  9. cityfarmer

    Deanna took the words right out of my mouth …
    grab the hymnal and hunker down around the piano ..
    you could record your voice signing and then play while you play the piano … I can almost hear them learning harmony …

  10. Old Centennial Farmhouse

    I CAN’T WAIT to see what you come up with for your potting shed…that one is a charmer, but I think yours would look good any way it comes: even a simple “chicken coop” look, you would make it divine somehow!

    And, you already know how I feel about hymns…my friend! I can hum along to some of the contemporary stuff, but the old hymns…they will bring me to TEARS!

    You could teach hymns and their history in your little homeschool if you chose to, there are some wonderful books out there on hymns and their stories!

  11. Mac n' Janet

    I think I’m in love! Know any good stonemasons?

  12. Carissa

    “In The Garden” my favorite of all hymns!! I’ve been known to just sit and read out of a hymnal. I don’t much care for the new contemporary songs…I will admit there are some good ones out there, but I’d must rather sing the hymns.
    THAT SHED… Oh my!!! Just from what I have seen on your blog, that shed belongs on your property!! I KNOW whatever you come up with though will blow the socks off of us~GO FOR IT!
    And start yanking up that grass girl!!! Oh the possibilities! 🙂

  13. Anne Marie

    I know of a salvage place Ange that sells old church doors….no joke….

    it’s in Iowa though –

    can you say “road trip?”

  14. Stephanie

    That shed is so charming! I look forward to what you come up with. I grew up with old hymns too and will never forget attending my grandmother’s church (congregation population about 20) and being that I was visiting her for 2 weeks in the summer was invited to get up and sing a duet hymn with my grandmother. I was mortified!!! I can’t sing. But hymns are special memories for me, she loved them so.

  15. Julie

    That is an AMAZING potting shed. Just beautiful.

    I love the old hymns. After my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we eventually had to put him in an assisted living facility. I used to visit every Sunday during the time church services were held. ALL of the staff & residents, Catholic & Protestant alike, knew the old hymns. They were a great comfort to me during the visits in the last year of his life.

  16. Ann at eightacresofeden

    That ‘potting shed’ would look amazing in the Biblical herb garden I dream of one day owning in the grounds of the old church we are going to buy and renovate – one day – in my dreams for now! Maybe we could build one using salvaged doors and windows. Will need old pews, hymn books etc to furnish the home. You keep on inspiring me to not let go of the dream!

  17. Leisa

    Tears rolled down my face as I remembered my beautiful old home church and the wonderful old hymns we sang. I enjoy some of the modern christian music, but those hymns will stay in my heart forever. My Mother and I have often wondered what my and generation and the next will sing in their old age in the nursing homes!! They certainly won’t have the beautiful old hymns stored in their memories.


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