Holiday THIS!

Dec 14, 2005 | Pop Culture/Politics | 4 comments

Ok Juls so you think people should get over the White House card. Ok I agree with you. Get over it everyone. Here is what I am NOT over yet…
After watching the Amazing Race tonight I made the mistake of not jumping right up after those brats won and turning off the TV instead I was subjected to commercial after commercial using everyones new favorite politically correct word: “Holiday!” I must have heard the word 100 during 4 commercials. This is turning into sheer bafoonery!
THIS is Christmas time. Deal with it! The majority of the people in this country celebrate Christmas so THAT is what it is! When it’s Hanakuh time say Happy Hanakuh – fine that is great, way to go Mackabees! You’ll have to say alot more than Happy Hanakuh to offend me. In the meantime say Merry Christmas for the sake of Saint Nick!
Speaking of…my irritation of Santa Claus has gone out the window. It used to bug the crap out of me that he was EVERYWHERE. Have you seen him this year? I havent. He instead has been replaced by…The Holiday Tree, The Holiday Song, The Holiday Card. Walgreens- you are selling CHRISTMAS lights and hey Nestle Tollhouse – unless its in the shape of a freekin’ Menorah you are selling CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!!
This goes right up there with me wanting to have a Straight Pride Parade, A White Womans Expo at Navy Pier, Affirmative Action for ME – hey I am a minority, there is no one like ME! and I would love to hear a white woman say to her man in a movie, “I love you baby, you are a strong, straight WHITE man!” I don’t think there is a racist bone in my body – how could there be as Mandi so kindly pointed out? But all this bigotry hiding under words like “Minority Sensitivity” and “Political Correctness” is just gross.
In years past Joel and I have rather loudly said, “Merry Christmas” back to anyone who wished us Happy Holidays. This year we are stepping it up a notch with, “Oh, It’s OK, you can wish me a Merry Christmas, I won’t be offended!” In fact I may even have a T-shirt made.
Speaking of the word “Holiday” um…, hello? Doesnt that mean HOLY-DAY? What are all those wacked out liberals gonna do when they realize they have been calling a whole MONTH holy? I can hear Peter rolling over now. Sorry – was that in bad taste?
So, “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Kiss My Ass, Kiss His Ass, Happy Hanakuh” and if you see me marching down my street this spring with a,
“I’m Straight, That’s My Fate, Get Used to It!” t-shirt on you will know I just couldnt take it anymore!


  1. Amanda

    If you order those shirts, I WANT ONE!!!! GREAT IDEA!

  2. julee

    I thought of one more politically correct song…
    “It’s That Time Of Month”
    I want a T-shirt, too.

  3. julee

    Yes, you’re right there is no one like YOU…and bafoonery is my new favorite word. And I’m all over the Bring Back Santa campaign. Heck, I say we even bring back xmas! How’s your card coming along? Excuse me while I go make some star-of-david-shaped cookies.

  4. cityfarmer

    You said no one commented, but did you scroll down??????


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