Holding ON! (My To-Do List Before Farm)

Aug 26, 2012 | From France to the Farm, Full Time Family, Homeschooling | 24 comments

My plate is so full it has spilled out onto the table, over the edge and out onto the floor.
Thank you, Jesus and TurboFire. I haven’t lost my mind… yet.
Houston, it looks like we have an offer.
So what do we do now?
To Do:
Moving Sale
Finish Christmas magazine
Finish Curriculum planning for home school
Start school up again.
Baby Boy’s first birthday
Film Macaron DVD
Start packing
Not to mention the most intense month of the Turbo Fire schedule yet begins on the 31st.
Oh Yeah… Lest I forget…
Don’t panic.
I saw this on Anne Lory’s (Fiona and Twig) Facebook page (she originally found it on Buckle Up Bitches… sorry for the language).
Let me just say… it resonated.
I may be a little scarce over the next couple weeks.
Just working away at my things and my projects, like you do.
 But yes, I am working on the Branding/Blogging class for you all. It’s a top priority for me. I know you all want to see it.
If you need me and are privy to my phone number, give me a ring or shoot me an email.
All I ask is that you please be patient with me.
It is a process, and I’m doing my best. There’s a lot to do and I’m doing my best to do it.
Love you, girls and men!
There must be a few men reading this blog, right?
Looks like my farm could be right around the corner!
So close.
It feels so close, after all this time and work toward it.
Now, if I could just find it.
There’s so much to do first.
I feel like Little Bo Peep, looking forever for her perfect little sheep!



  1. DREAMS ON 34th STREET ~ French Bread & Family

    Hallelujah! You are on the “E-Ticket” ride, girly! (Years ago an E-ticket admitted you onto the best rides at Disneyland.)
    All is good and so well deserved for you and your family!

  2. Mandy

    woo-hoo to a sale and move! may the Lord bless you guys with the farm of your dreams! still looking forward to a post on curriculum in all that free time you have;) love talkin with other homeschool mamas about ideas!

  3. Ruby Jean

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know how much this means to you and your family.

  4. Lady Courtney

    Good Luck!!! Enjoy the ride also, this is an exciting time, finding the farm is going to be great, just be patient, it is waiting for you! 🙂 donna

  5. Pam

    Congratulations on your offer!! I’m so happy for you!

  6. VarietGrrl

    I laughed out loud at the poster – how true!!

    BTW – What do people do without Jesus in their lives? Will pray that everything comes together for you – He is always with you!! xoxo

  7. VarietGrrl

    I laughed out loud at the saying on the poster – how true!

    BTW – What do people do without Jesus in their lives? Will pray that everything goes well for you – He is always with you!! xoxo

  8. Pur et Simple

    Ahhh, the Lord’s timing is perfect…and it will be also with finding your new French Farm too.
    I have an idea for you. Set aside a big box – inside put some paper plates, cutlery, cups, toilet paper, scissors, trash bags, paper towel, diapers/wipes for babes, and anything else you might need immediately on moving day. Let the kids color on it too. With packing tape attach a helium balloon to it so you know which box, in the myriad of boxes has all your essentials. 🙂
    So excited for you! Just think…soon you’ll have your ladies again.

  9. Stephanie

    Congratulations! If anyone can handle that schedule, it’s you.

  10. Homemaker Ang

    I can smell that farm from here!

    Congrats! xo


  11. Homemaker Ang

    I can smell that farm from here!

    Congrats! xo


  12. lissyparkerltd

    What exciting news-farm is just around the corner! Have a wonderful and easy move.
    xo, Lissy Parker

  13. Valerie

    Yay! Such exciting news…all of it, but especially the house sale!

  14. Sopa Azul

    I wish you a lot of energy for all your projects. Good Luck!!!!! ;O)

  15. Noël

    So exciting! Can’t wait to see how it all works out. 😉 Praying that the offer goes through and that we’ll get to see farm pictures in the near future. Yay!

  16. Amber

    Oh! I am so happy for you! You really do have your plate full! K. I won’t complain about my schedule anymore. 🙂 Can’t wait to go house hunting “with you”!

  17. Barb

    So excited for you Angela! God knows exactly where you and the family will be living. Yee haw!
    Big yay!

  18. Amy Kelly

    What a Woman!!! Here’s my ever so humble request… Just tell me how you manage your day.. Really…Can you make an e-book about it? Tell me how to whip my chaos into order? Help!!! Amy

  19. kindsofhoney

    Oh, good luck, good luck! I can’t wait till you find that farm and give us many, many exciting photographs and reports as you transform it into your own. This is my dream for someday, too. Yours is just a bit closer! Thanks for the reminder that even as dreams are coming true there can be a bit of stress along the way . . . reality check, that!


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