style="text-align: center;">An AVID Princess Diana admirer all my life, I am thrilled to have heard today that Will has proposed to Kate!  The two have been dating for eight years and I have been waiting quite awhile for this news to come over the ticker!
So now two traditions are being passed on…
Prince William gave Kate Middleton his mothers Sapphire engagement ring.  How fitting being that daring Kate will someday be Princess of Wales.
And I, will wake Amélie up in the wee hours of a Summer morning next year to watch the wedding of the century, just like my Momma did with me when I was a wee lass of five years old.  I hope she will find as much inspiration, joy and fascination with her own dear Princess of Wales as I did with mine.  
Yes, that is me with a horrible haircut on the left in the equally horrible blue t-shirt (and my Mom) meeting H.R.H. Diana Princess of Wales on her trip to Chicago in 1996.  A little over a year before she died.  
Yes, we did get to talk to her and had a couple more interactions with her throughout the day.  It was the happiest day of my life and the day she died was the saddest.  I know that sounds ridiculous and dramatic but it’s true.  I had spent my entire life writing letters to her, reading about her and most importantly praying for her.  Truth be told, it will be fun to ramp up the Royal Watching again with Amélie and Juliette!