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So, this could be totally lost, or offensive to my High Church friends & family… and I’ll confess, I don’t even think my own tat-sportin’, “New Reformed”,  pastor would put this up on the screen…

It’s clearly totally inappropriate… but you can check the “de Moi” page if you want to know how I feel about Christian’s swearing…
So, as my Aunt says, “Put your big girl panties on.” and I’ll add, “Don’t get them in a knot.”
But it’s so true… I mean come one… we go to church to hear TRUTH and if only more pastors were risking beings “tisked, tisked”, perhaps there would be more Christian men walkin’ the line and more Christian women not interested if they weren’t…
Plus… you know how I feel about Boaz.  (Ironically enough, one of my highest visited posts!  I get many hits EVERY day on this one!)

I just had to share… my sister sent it to me and I laughed out loud.


  1. Brenda Hodges

    Going to immediately share this with my “girls”…I met with six young women all four years of high school and they’re now finishing their sophomore year of college ~ every time we meet now, I remind them not to settle but to wait for the man God has for them. This speaks their language better than I ever could…thanks!

  2. Deb from WhatsInMyAttic

    I can honestly say I’ve never been part of any church where the pastor would put that up. I, however, think it is just a knee-slapper and I about buckled when I got to the last line.

    Funny is funny…sometimes we need to just get over ourselves.

    You made me laugh today. Thanks!

  3. Lori

    Totally right on!!! Lori

  4. Liz Piccione-Volger


  5. Annetta Bosakova

    That was a great read. Totally laughed out load and had my son say, “Mommy funny!”

  6. Auntie Bliss

    I saw a pastor share this with another pastor on FB this a.m.
    It is funny.

  7. Joannah Labrador

    I’ve seen this before, and it always makes me laugh. 😀

  8. Splenderosa

    You are so so funny. I laughed too.
    If only young girls would listen to YoAz. xx’s

  9. Mandy


  10. Kim

    Nothing offensive about that! It is the Truth.

  11. Heather F.

    I’ve got two daughters and I hope I am teaching them this where they understand and retain it. Please, please, please let them get this concept.

  12. Jen M.

    This is great!

  13. Tina Leigh

    ROF!!! Well I think everyone has covered it all in the above comments!!

  14. marcia

    laughed so hard, very funny, my pastor would’nt post something like this, it gets the point across! thanks for the giggles!

  15. Priscilla

    My daughter says if he isn’t good enough to marry, he isn’t worth dating. She is turning 34 this week and is waiting for God to provide her right man.

  16. Corrina

    Hi Angela, I don’t find this offensive at all- as a matter of fact I wish something like this was preached from the pulpit so less christian women felt the need to settle for less than what God has planned for them- certainly not any of those -o az’s would be in my list of prospects for a husband yet I did end up with one who is several of those things and we have spent the last 24yrs trying to sort through issues and baggage! I am going to use this one with my 20yr old daughter and later with my other daughter when she is old enough to get it. Love your style and I think Jesus just did a back flip in heaven! xxCorrina.

  17. Ivy and Elephants

    This is funny but true, and our girls need to wake up and know that.
    Thanks for keeping it real!

  18. melyssa

    I had this on Facebook last week and I was a bit worried that my most conservative friends would find it inappropriate, but dang, it’s funny! I shared it with my inner city foster daughter…just too good not to share!

  19. sweetvintageofmine

    I know this is a little late coming in…but this was the best laugh I’ve had in WEEKS! WE ALL need to be a little light hearted at times! Blessings…..from one sweetie to another…Roxie


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