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Here We Grow Again!

Les graines sont la!
Seeds are here!
Yesterday while the chickens were napping I threw my seeds in their little starter beds and said a prayer.  In years past I have fancied myself quite the starter but last year was a bust ( don’t think I kept them warm enough) and I began second guessing myself asking everyone I could how they start their seeds, how to the keep them warm, do they use a greenhouse… I was freaking.
Ok…so it’s not this
  But they are in, resting in the sunshine… soon to be… abundance.  
I can’t wait.
And I can not believe that this will become…
and this…
and this…
Canned goods…
lots of hard, enjoyable work…
and many moments of serenity.
If you never have… let me encourage you to watch something grow.  Leave the fish emulsion and compost to us die hards but turn over some dirt and sprinkle some lettuce seeds…
Out of the dirt will spring forth life!!!
Just like we will celebrate this weekend.

17 thoughts on “Here We Grow Again!”

  1. seriously one of my favorite posts of yours – that picture of the herbs drying – the photo technique you did – awesome! –
    bring a few of those prints to the sale….

  2. Bee-YOO-tee-FULL!!!!! Especially like the pic of you walking through the garden…is breathtaking! I am so excited for spring, too! We don’t start our own seeds yet. Not sure if I have the patience. Can’t wait to see how your little seeds turn out…!

  3. Last years seeds were a bust here also. I don’t have “lights” and the only window facing south is the large kitchen window. I hope your forecast is as wonderful as ours, as this is going to give me a few days to clean out the beds and get some frost hardy seeds in the ground. I will be going slow this year…crawling around instead of kneeling…but I’ll git ‘er done eventually!

  4. Your pictures are so beautiful. I love the shape of your garden. It’s funny you mention growing lettuce because that is exactly what I am doing this year. Lettuce in a big galvanized pot. A. at A Simple Life sent me the seeds. I feel like it’s a start!

  5. Beautiful post. I am one who can’t not garden. Such surrender one learns when putting their hands in the dirt, seeding tiny things and watching them grow….a miracle indeed.

  6. I put my seeds in the sun. I start seeds in egg cartons and wrap them in saran wrap and put them in a sunny window and before I know it, here they come!!! My first time was last year and I had a great crop with little money spent.
    Can’t wait to see your garden

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