7:15 a.m.  Rain in the forecast for 1 p.m.  That means I can work until the chickens need food at noon.  We’ll come in and crank “Dot Com” as Aidan calls Laura Ingraham while we eat much needed food and take a much needed rest.  

I don’t know what is going on but I have been so tired since our crazy weekend and it’s just not like me to be tired.  Last night I was a bitchy basket case, I didn’t even want to talk to Joel, I just wanted to sit.  Aidan is convinced his baby brother is growing inside me and nothing would make me happier – who knows.  
But exhausted or not there is joyous work to do and I am wondering again how I survive winter, locked indoors and no sweat on my brow.
I adore my spring garden, especially my “woodland garden” – photos to come at naptime.  

(How many times have I promised THAT!)