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Heading Out – The Photos

Our Cucumber Cage – made with twigs found in neighborhood garbage piles!  You should have seen me with a saw and my kids in the wagon going house to house last Saturday morning!

The dirt pile is now dug out…what to do, save for flagstone or lay down pea gravel only to have to dig it all out when money for flagstone is available????  Ugh.

Mon petit artist.


This past weekend I emptied the pond, repositioned most of the interior stones, bleached it, scrubbed it – et voila.  Noise to drown out traffic down the road.

Joel and Aidan live for radishes.  French Breakfast is our favorite – go figure.

Onions and Frisée.

My little co-workers.

Splish Splash.  One of these days I am going to make it bigger and instead of bleach to keep it clean I am going to use those natural pool chemicals and on 100 degree days I am going to JUMP IN!

Art in the park.

Well, I crashed myself at nap time but I am throwing up these photos before chickens and I go to the park to play soccer.  They are so excited!

This morning we planted about 8 tomatoes, 17 peppers (all kinds) and some zucchini plus we planted 3 types of cucumbers in our cucumber house and then did some drawing, garden photography and garden work (I get so caught up in the growing of the food that suddenly my flower gardens become weed gardens!!!) – all in the name of “house teaching” which is what Aidan calls, Homeshcooling.
I have no idea what is for dinner but I can tell by looking at our potager that pretty soon the ideas will be over flowing!!!!

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  1. What a bright, beautiful spot your garden is. Such a hard worker you are, and I like that you’ve got your chickens right out there with you! I especially love your wrought iron yard fence and the pond. Your spring flowers look so gorgeous. I can’t wait to see your garden in full bloom, ready to harvest all the good veggies!

  2. Oh yes, the kids are always at my side. We also have a garden around the corner in a neighbors backyard and once or twice a day they get pulled in the wagon to work down there too.
    We have a little joke in our home when we are out there sweating and filthy, we say to each other, “What else would we do? Watch T.V.?”
    I don’t know what I would do without a garden. I do love to work! It’s hardly work when you find it so fun, in fact I never use the word “work” with the kids – I always say, “It’s a garden day” or “Let’s go out to the garden.” instead.

  3. I can see in that beautiful pic of you and your babies, that you are all such a sweet bunch. You are too pretty and your babies are so cute! If my son saw your pond he’d go crazy, it’s really cool!
    I think it is great that you grow an edible garden. I plan on doing so in a smaller scale when I move back to California.
    Aww, I’d love to have you as a guest at my wedding 🙂

  4. You look great! It totally looks like you have lost weight…I know I do when I start working in the garden…your garden Ang is just so stunning! Being able to have it so unique in the city inspired so many that pass by “hey, let’s walk over to Parisienne Farmgirl’s garden kids!”…at least that’s what I’d be sayin’

    love this progress show you are doing on the garden – can’t wait to see more…like…in person.

  5. I know where you got those garden markers… I have them too! Too bad I have nothing to mark :(~
    Actually, I will bring some pictures to show.

    “Art in the park” – hilarious. Do you allow guest artists?? I would love to paint w/ P.R. sometime.

  6. Your Garden is lovely. We’ve got a long way to go before ours is that beautiful. We have been collecting mostly “Hand Me Down Flowers” as I like to call them, when people split their bulbs. I am loving your pond too. If I had one I would do the same, and take a dip in the hot summer. I sat in my daughters kiddie pool when I was Pregnant with Eden, my youngest. I’m sure the neighbors were quite entertained 😉 Have a Splendid Mothers Day!

  7. The cuke cage is adorable and so clever to use ‘left-overs’ from yours and others’ stash. I’m proud of you for teaching your children the joys of gardening, of digging in the soil, of reaping the benefits of hard, honest work.
    God’s blessings on you, yours and the work of your hands and heart.

  8. LOVED this post! Your garden is precious! Your kids will remember all the hours in the garden when they grow up. I have a little pond with a waterfall too. I love to lay in the hammock next to it and listen to it.
    Blessings~ LillySue

  9. Such sweet outdoor, working photos and wonderful little helpers. I’ve neve seen a cucumber cage…and did not know one needed it for cucumbers.
    Hugs ~

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