Oh ladies…
She is here again!
Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine!
Tonight at midnight our Harvest/Christmas Edition comes out!
And not without a bit of effort!
At the last minute we LOST the original working 
copy of the magazine!  
WAY too much stress for me this week.
The magazine is beautiful!
Really beautiful – and we have an in-house goal to get this edition onto the computers of 1,000 new readers this season!  If you haven’t read PFM yet, this is your chance – it’s just $6.95 a copy.
Click the sidebar or visit www.ParisienneFarmgirlMagazine.com
There are a few people I want to specifically mention who were affected by our computer proplems… (Our working copy…POOF!  Gone.  An absolute nightmare and a real test of my faith and patience.  Thankfully we had an older PDF we could get to the publisher – though it was missing a few things).

Yes, she took some of those awesome Tangerine Tango wedding photos from the Summer Edition and she took some FAB photos for wedding designer Brenda Hodges – a Bohemian themed wedding!!!  Please visit Lydia’s site to see if she may be the photographer you need for your next event!

Brenda Hodges of Storybook Wedding Design who wrote two articles for us.  Two fabulous wedding spreads – one Christmas and the Bohemian too!

Annetta Bosakova
Annetta is an AMAZING photographer and took some VERY Parisienne Farmgirl photos for this edition.  Check out her website at www.annettabosakova.com

These gals worked hard for the beauty of PFM and did not deserve to be the victims of our computer problems!  I’ll spare you the details but just wanted to make a public apology – It’s the sort of thing that will probably only be noticed by myself and them but nonetheless…. 

Here are some more sneak peeks of the mag…
Photo: Carol Spinksi

 Photo:  Anna-Christine (our cover girl).
Help us hit the  “Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine 1,000” — we want 1,000 new women to enjoy and be inspired by all the talented women that make up PFM.  And thank you for supporting our advertisers.  It’s the American way!!!
Blessings Girls!!!
I love ya!!!