Ok ladies. How many times in the last 200 some odd posts have I encouraged you to TURN OFF OPRAH??? I know, I know, the “my favorite things” episode is so fun (though I haven’t seen it in years) and I know, I know, she educates about women and children being exploited around the world – but so does World Vision.
Oprah is out of control and yet many Christian women are still spending more time every week with her then they do in church, in the Word and in prayer combined.
Can I encourage you just one more time to banish this ego-maniac (said the girl with a giant photo of her face on her blog:) out of your house. While you are at it why not see how little time each week you can spend watching television.

Once probably 7 years ago, I had a sleep over (Beth and Jill do you remember?) and another girl and I were joking around that we knew who the AnitChrist was. A little blond haired creepy brainiac that Oprah had on as guest. It was so odd cause while watching it I had the thought that he was WAY too smart and WAY too into world peace for someone so young – turns out this fellow gal pal had the same thought.
These days it’s not too hard to get carried away and wonder if the great HARPO herself isn’t the AnitChrist!!! Women by the millions open their homes up to this Christ-denier every day. She is a feminist, pro abortion (oh, I’m sorry, I meant she is pro women’s health) she teaches crazy super, ooy, gooey, intergalactic one-ness and Christian singles, mothers and wives are still looking to her for advice in child rearing, dating and marriage (she won’t even get married herself!!!!) It’s just getting out of hand and I am sick of hearing Christian friends talk about this women like she sits at the left hand of God. I mean for Petes sake, I heard from Laura Ingraham that last week she had on the she-male that is pregnant. Is that really what you want to fill your head with? You might as well be watching Jerry Springer!
I could dissect the following video but I think it speaks for itself — if you are a fellow Christian it might make you sick. If it does not, you may want to reflect on how desensitised you have become to this pop culture of ours. If you do not profess to be a Christian (and I know I have dear friends that read this blog that don’t) then perhaps you are offended already (it’s not every day a fellow women bashes feminism AND Oprah in the same blog!) but that is OK. (post continued after video below)

THERE IS ONE TRUE GOD. He is not a feeling. And yes Orpah, He is a jealous God. Not jealous of you. But jealous of what we choose to love instead of Him. We were created by Him, created to love Him.
He loves us SO MUCH!!! Perhaps you don’t believe at all or perhaps you believe a little but think “to each his own”. I dare you to pray that the one true God would reveal himself to you. I dare you. If I am just a crazy Christian then you have nothing to loose – I believe you have everything to gain. As much as Oprah wants to believe that ALL roads lead to God, they don’t. (Rational thought quickly brings to light that that makes no sense).
There is one true God. We can live in relationship with Him from now into eternity or we can live apart from him – from now into eternity. Even the great and powerful Oprah will find that out.
Believing women, let’s turn off the T.V. but let’s pray for Oprah, her heart is OBVIOUSLY searching for something to believe in.