Happy Fricken Holidays…

Dec 2, 2006 | Full Time Family, On Motherhood | 4 comments

Well, if you are so happy then let your face know about it!

This evening we had to do what we avoid doing at just about all costs…shopping. Zipping from Meijers to Kohls, then to Blockbuster for a film…yuck.

The weirdness began at Meijers when a woman left her 3 year old little girl SANS COAT in the cart at the front of the parking lot and then ran to get her car and bring it around. I am still trying to figure that out…surely she left her brain at home (along with the little girls winter coat!)

It gets worse.

I usually put my little darling in a cart or stroller but he is just so dang cute that on occasion I love to see him “feel his Cheerios” as Gram would say and run free and crazy around the store. He got to do that tonight at Kohls. Money’s tight (thanks to some recent internet fraud!!!) but when you have 20 inches of snow and a boy that goes to the back door and signs please (by rubbing his palm in circles on his chest) because he wants to go outside, well, you have to spend a little money and buy the kid a snowsuit!

Aidan was so thrilled to be toddling around the store. So cute! But I began to notice something, I seemed to be the only person noticing his little angelic countenance, so clumsy in his big boots. One after the other fat, skinny, scowling, cranky people with dead expressions passed us or impatiently and with a serious lack of sincerity mumbled a pitiful, “Excuse me.”

As if they could not wait THREE SECONDS for Aidan to get out of their way.

Now, I know he is my son but I appreciate other peoples children. Life in the Burbs kids are some of the most darling children that have uttered some of the funniest expresions that I, though not their mother, will never forget…”Is it spicy Mom?” Reg Rhapsody’s boys give me chills just through their photographs and many know the motherly feelings I have for my cousin Austin let alone the tears that come to my eyes upon viewing a half naked little African.

What has happened to a person when they can’t even manage a smirk upon seeing my little guy stroll the aisles of Kohls? What kind of a miserable life do they lead? Don’t they feel any guilt over their sheer crankiness? Is that the face they greet their OWN children with???

People are stupid.

Yes, that’s what I said. Yes, I can be a Christian and think people are stupid.

They are like cattle. “Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” as they trudge through the monotony that has become “The Holidays” (more on that ridiculous expression coming)
T.V. tells them to shop so they shop, they are PROGRAMMED to think this is such a stressful time of year.


If you can’t even smile as a child stumbles up to you to check out what shoes you are trying on (he was in NO WAY in anyones way) then just stay home and screw the holidays. Everyone has watered down this time of year to a perverted form of peace on earth, they claim goodwill means being politically correct and they CAN NOT EVEN SMILE AT A CHILD.

Ding Dong Merrily on High.


  1. Faith

    Bah humbug people!!! How could anyone be irritated by that little angel, much less look in his direction without a huge smile coming to thier face instantly, no matter how grumpy and stressed they were to begin with. I don’t get it either!!!

  2. Platonicus Booknutticus

    I’m so ‘fricken’ curious as to what the blog administrator deleted! lol.

    Morbid curiousity.

    Fricken Philistines.


  3. Faith

    I’m glad you said it Nic, cause we are all extrememly curious!!! Give it up Ang!!!


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