I wish I could say that I remember the day that Nic was born but I was three years old and I do not. I do rememer loving him though. I remember thinking it was so sad that our friends hated their brothers and sisters. We were sometimes punished by NOT being able to play together. Hundreds of hours in the sandbox, playing GI Joe AND Strawberry Shortcakes, space and castle Legos, 2 liter wars, grossing each other out to the point of gagging as we got ready for bed each night, singing Phantom of the Opera together (like idiots), Thor, the Gay Wonder, Generic Boy, and miles and miles on our Big Wheels.
I love you Nicholas. You were there at my wedding and the birth of my son and I want you there for every moment to come. You are who I call when I NEED someone to call and on those days where I can’t think of anyone to call. Your loyalty and committment to me has been present since day one. You are indeed my best friend.

I do remeber the day Chelsea was born. TWENTY ONE years ago…is that eve possible? What a present Nicholas got for his birthday and what a gift I was given in an instant, like minded, spaz like I spaz, laugh like I laugh (OK maybe she laughs a little louder) friend.
Chelsea, I know sometimes it seems that I double as your mother but how can I help it? We shared a room, I got you up from your naps and tickled you in the mornings, I gave you your baths after dinner…I even cleaned up your puke a few months ago! Your sensitivity is beyond measure and that is a good thing. While I am too quick to not fully consider other’s feelings you excel at it. Our brains function at a crazy, similar speed and there is no joke that does not go un-noticed between us. I am so happy that I was given a little sister. I love everything about you. Your love for me is evident in (just about) (hahaha) every word that comes out of your mouth. What a responsibility I was given in being a big sister and how good has it been. You too, are clearly my best friend.

Happy Birthday you two.
Love, Your Sister