Happy Birthday Grampa!!!

Jul 19, 2007 | Uncategorized | 8 comments

This was supposed to post yesterday! Grampa and I have celebrated our birthdays many times together but sadly not this year. He is the coolest Grampa EVER and loves the LORD so very much and he is where I get the “farm” in Farmgirl. Happy Birthday Grampa! Have fun at Park!


  1. cityfarmer

    Nothing runs like a deere….
    glad to have the chance to spend this weekend with the champion of farmers…my Dad….a year ago you were singing your heart out…
    A. hope you have a fabulous day…I do have some special little finds for you…love ,Mom

  2. KJ

    I love this photo! How very wonderful that your Grampa loves the Lord!!! What a heritage you have!

    I also went to the link about France and the climate of spirituality there. It is so sad! Mark Steyne wrote a book called, “America Alone.” It goes into great depth about European churches shutting down and even being turned into nightclubs. Also, the decline in population due to liberal thinking.

    I enjoyed your site!


  3. Julee Ann

    Happy Birthday Ang. Been enjoying your return to the blog. We’re heading out tomorrow for our final hit at the farm. It’s gonna go fast now. Hope your day was a good one. A .Julee

  4. HomemakerAng

    its time for you to come out of hiding and post a prego photo… 🙂

    When are you due??? your momma came to my house once with farm girl cyn… Happy Birthday!

  5. Parisienne Farmgirl

    prego photo coming right up – I am trying to load about 10 from my weekend with no luck – stupid blogger

  6. HomemakerAng

    i was due on Christmas and had a dec. 27 11+er… 23 1/2″… all the christmas sugar stuff i think… 🙂 you look great! congrats, take care of yourself, its not as easy to rest when you have another one under feet…


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