Oh baby baby.  How can you be four???
The other night I broke down crying at tuck in time.  Squeezing hands that are still a little thick with baby fat, smelling hair that had “play smell” and singing our songs and praying our prayers.  Thanking God  for healing his heart.
I always say to Aidan, “I will miss you.”  And I will.  Every day I miss the person he was yesterday even though I look forward to the person he will be tomorrow.  Life is such a blur and even with the blog, the 25,000 photos I take per year (I wish I was kidding) and all my scraps of paper around with “snapshots in conversation” all around the house I still am desperate to remember every little smile and sass.  But as much as I try to create a bubble here in this house, life is a blur and I forget.  
So, I will miss him.
Joie de vivre.  Aidan has more of is than anyone I have every met.  You will see that in this fast pace glimpse into the last 365 days of his life.  Aidan cooks and cleans and pees where he pleases.  He plays, creates, paints both walls and papers.  He gardens, reads and loves his Heavenly Father.  You should hear him pray.  We cry every time.
In an effort to celebrate this powerhouse of life I have been stockpiling “snapshots in conversations” for your reading enjoyment and for my mothers heart.  I am not assuming that blogland wants to obsess over my beloved but his Great Gramma’s and Aunties read Parisienne Farmgirl so humor me as once again I fawn all over my beloved son.  You might even find out a secret…
Once Again, Snapshots in Conversation:
Aidan on Dinosaurs:
“Mom, are dinosaurs at the zoo?”
“When did the dinosaurs die?  Was it Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday?”
“I know what happened, maybe they had a sickness or an emergency.  Or maybe they caught on fire.”

Aidan on Chanel No. 5:
Running in from the garden to announce:  “If we could take some of our flowers and put them in the Cuisinart we could make some Chanel for you…Our purple and pink ones and mix them to a color of prettiness.”
Aidan on Decorating for his birthday: 
Me:  “We could use “sporks” for desert and maybe garbage bags for place mats.  What else could we do to decorate for your Wall-E birthday?”
Aidan:  We could paint the dining room ceiling black.  Not really much in some parts for the stars.”
Me:  “Oh, so we could leave some spots white like the stars?”
Aidan: “Yeah.”
Aidan on wanting a farm in our front yard:

“We could just dig up that street and move all those houses.”
Aidan when I told him I was pregnant:
“Why aren’t you puking yet?”
Aidan on my waistline a few weeks later:
“Why aren’t you fat yet?”
Aidan on Amélie’s waistline as I was trying to get her dressed and all she wanted to do was run outside:
Aidan: “Just send her outside maked so people will laugh at her!”
Me:  “Why will they laugh at her?”
Aidan:  “They will laugh when they see her bwubbers.”

On Amélie’s Michelin quality arm rings:
“I just love her bracelets!”
On restocking the bird feeder with his “One Gram”  (at home we put Cayenne pepper in with the seeds to keep the squirrels away):

“We need Leon pepper.”
Aidan on Amélie’s waistline.  A popular topic of conversation around here…
“Mom, how big will the baby be on your birthday?  Will he be this big”  (Showing about 3 inches with his hand)
Me:  Yes Aidan, that is exactly how big the baby will be!”
Aidan:  “And then what?”
Me:  “Well, he/she will get bigger and bigger.  Do you remember how big Amélie was when she came out?”
Aidan:  “Yeah, and then she got really much fat.”
Me:  “Yes she did, didn’t she baby?”
Aidan:  “Why she got so fat?”
Me:  “Well, that is just the way God made her…”
Aidan: “Cause she did not work out?”
Aidan on his Great Gramma’s Farm:
“Will you miss me? Me and dad are going to move to “Two Grams’s” farm.  You and Amélie can stay here.  This will be the ladies house.  I love Two Grams’s farm.  It is my whole heart farm.
Aidan on Cleaning: 
When Gramma asked him if we had a dust pan:
“No, but we have bread ones.”

And last but not least, this is the darling prayer that my beloved prayed over dinner the other night without prompting:

“Dear Lord thank you for this meal, thank you for this dinner and heavenly father praise you for this food and please bless our whole life and this family, praise you for this baby brother – Amen.”
We are off to the zoo for the day.  Our first time!  Another day with my son.  He is my “whole heart” son.  Happy Birthday to my first P.R.!!!!!!

Wall-E is a big deal in this house these days so while my music selection may seem strange it has delighted Aidan.  It’s called “72 degrees and Sunny” from the soundtrack – that about sums up a day spent with him!  If you missed last years slideshow it’s on this blog somewhere (1095 days of Aidan) and well, that was the sappy, make you cry one.  This one was just for FUN!

And yes, the secret is out – we are going to be celebrating P.R. le troisieme into our home this January 2010.  P.R.  is our nickname for our babies when “in belly”– it stands for Petit R________ (our last name).  Aidan is over the moon with joy and praying nightly for a baby brother.  Oh boy.  
I, on the other hand am over the toilet with my usual 24/7 sickness which explains my lack of blogging (laundry, cooking, cleaning, grooming, basic functioning) the weeks past and upcoming.  Oh Lord.  
Give me the strength to decorate this Wall-E cake and walk the zoo!!!